№5 (September-October)

№5 (September-October) 2010


  • Wind power from Siemens.
  • A Revolution in Ignition Technology from Altronic LLC. The Directed Energy Ignition System.
  • New standard for mechanical seals for petrochemical branches of industry.
  • Gas turbine power plant for Vuktylskaya compressor station (Gazprom JSC).
  • Regenerative gas turbine plant for gas pumping unit rated at 16 MW.
  • Stand-by power supply of casing-head gas collection point on Kharampurskoye oil field.
  • Motor Sich on power equipment market.
  • Enerproject compressor equipment for gas turbine power plants: Moscow-City CCPP.
  • Power station of Ravninnoe oil field was constructed under BOO terms.
  • Real condition maintenance of shipboard power equipment.
  • 26th International congress for internal combustion engines – CIMAC ‘2010.
  • ASME Turbo Expo 2010.