New Turbines & Diesels 2017 Power Equipment Catalogue

It is the most complete Power Equipment Catalogue ever appeared in print. It contains detailed information about gas turbines, diesel and gas engines, and power plants on their base.

On the 700 pages of the new version of the Catalogue are presented nearly 20,000 models of power equipment, about 800 companies are in the address section.

Turbines & Diesels Magazine

Turbines & Diesels #5-2017


#5 (September-October) 2017


  • Gas engine power station in Tazovsky settlement on Yamal peninsula.
  • Decrease of load technological minimum of CCPP equipped with three-level pressure HRSGs.
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo SE’s Medium Speed Gas Engine Portfolio – a Modular Matrix Design.
  • Energas: compressors are ready for full-scale operation.
  • The heat treatment effect on structure and properties of VIN5 intermetallic nickel alloy.
  • ANAC – the program for lubricating oil monitoring.
  • Online CHP plant maintenance with VPN router.
  • CHP plants for woodworking enterprises on the base of biomass: advantages and operation experience.
  • Lukoil Efforce 4004 oil for gas engines: effectiveness confirmed by tests.
  • Scientific and technical session devoted to gas turbines.
  • XXI international specialized exhibition RosGazExpo ‘2017.


9HA.01 gas turbine power plant on the site of Kazanskaya TETs-3New gas turbine power station rated at 405.6 MW was commissioned on the site of Kazanskaya TETs-3. The project was realized under the program of complex modernization of the station. It is the first power unit commissioned in Russia on the base of 9HA.01 gas turbine manufactured by GE. In result total electric output of the station was increased from 384 up to 789.6 MW. The main task of the project is to provide electric power for the wholesale market of Tatarstan and generate steam for the technological needs of Kazanorgsintez PJSC. The project of power plant construction was realized by GE in cooperation with Gama Power Systems Engineering and Contracting. 9HA gas turbine has high operational flexibility thanks to advanced digital control system. It gives the opportunity to start the plant very quickly and switch to the operation with part loads with high efficiency.

Wed, 11/15/2017

APM403 control panelThe APM403 is the latest addition to the APM family and is available in two different configurations. The Solo (APM403S) version is fitted as standard on all generating sets intended for LV industrial applications. The Parallel (APM403P) version allows coupling of gensets or mains paralleling. This product meets the needs of professionals in terms of remote management with the integration of numerous communication peripherals (3G, 4G, etc.).

Mon, 11/13/2017

Energas vacuum compressor station will secure effective using of associated petroleum gas with low pressure. Screw type compressor station compresses associated petroleum gas of second stage of separation from close to vacuum pressure up to the pressure of the gas of first stage of separation (0.6 MPa) for delivering to the pipeline. According to the special requirements of the project compressor station operates with minimal output of 250 m3 per hour.

Fri, 11/10/2017

Stand-by power supply of new airport in Rostov-on-DonUnder the project Complex Electrosystems Erimex supplied five FG Wilson (Caterpillar (NI)) diesel power plants – P1500E1, P1250E1, P1000E1, P900E1 and P660-3. All plants are installed in soundproof containers. All plants are equipped with FG Wilson PowerWizard 2.1 control panels which are connected to main control center of the airport through SCADA system. Power plants operate in autonomous mode with remote control and monitoring system. Erimex company installed all necessary distribution substation on the site of the airport.

Wed, 11/08/2017

Energas compressor plants on the site of Pyakyakhinskoye fieldOil and gas condensate field is equipped with compressor station for associated petroleum gas collection and transportation. The station consists of nine various compressor plants supplied by Energas Ltd. Three of them are aimed for compression of associated petroleum gas supplied from various sites of the field. Compressed gas is supplied to the pipeline under the pressure of 11 MPa and delivered to the station of complex gas treatment. Compressor plants were developed on the base of reciprocating four-rowed single-staged compressors Superior WH74 driving by 16SGTD Superior gas engines each rated at 1975 kW supplied by GE.

Mon, 11/06/2017

A 450 MW combined cycle power station built by a China-Russia joint venture has been officially brought online. The CHP is the tangible result of the Huadian-Teninskaya joint project, which was launched by China's Huadian Corporation and Russia's second regional power company TGC-2 in 2011. The station consists of two GTE-160 gas turbine plants each rated at 155 MW, two Siemens electric generators and two P-144 waste heat boilers manufactured by ZIOMAR engineering company.

Fri, 11/03/2017

Two ADC-630 diesel power plants to Yuzhno-Lyaminskoye oil and gas fieldIndustrial Power Machines company supplied two ADC-630 diesel power plants to Yuzhno-Lyaminskoye oil and gas field. Electric output of ADC-630 plant is 630 kW. They were developed on the base of Cummins QSK23 diesel engines. The plants are equipped with Stamford electric generators. Power plants generate electric power for the needs of drilling equipment and oil pumping infrastructure. UFRO function is one of the advantages of Stamford generators. It gives the opportunity to reduce output voltage at starting of cold engine.

Wed, 11/01/2017