Digital Engineering advanced engineering school of SPbPU together with the UEC opened Advanced Digital Technologies in Engine Building educa-tional center and Aircraft Engine with Control System demonstration stand on March 19. They are designed for the project work of students and staff of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University together with engineers of the UEC.

The Center has 7 workplaces and 12 studying places for the training of engineers in the design of gas turbine engines using digital technologies. It is also planned to retrain UEC specialists in the field of "Digitalization in engine building".

Aircraft Engine with Control System demonstration stand was installed at the I.I. Kirillov Turbine Engineering Laboratory. Modern laboratory equipment purchased for the educational process during the training of students in the Advanced digital technologies in engine and Aircraft engines and power plants building master's degree programs was also placed here.


Technopromexport (Rostec) has started operation of the second power unit of the Udarnaya TPP. The station supplies 456 MW to the wholesale electricity market, provides electricity to the housing and communal sector and industrial enterprises of the region.

The comprehensive testing of the power unit took place in March. The equipment worked for 72 hours in the rated power mode and confirmed the declared characteristics. The main fuel for GTU is natural gas. The first power unit at the CHP was put into operation on March 1, 2024. The total capacity of the Udarnaya TPP will be 560 MW.


The production of the 4+1 combustion chamber cover has been mastered by the Rotor plant (Gazenergoservice JSC). It limits the volume of the combustion zone and together with the fuel injectors forms the aerodynamics of the torch. The product, which is complex in geometry, is a flow separator, in the end part of which more than 2000 cooling holes are made at different angles.


T-190/225-12.8 steam turbine was manufactured at the Leningrad Metal Plant (LMZ, Power Machines JSC) as part of the modernization of Surgut GRES-1 (OGK-2). The steam turbine has passed factory tests in the presence of representatives of the customer. It will replace steam turbine K-210-130 steam turbine of unit No. 13, reached the end of its service life, manufactured by LMZ and worked at the station for more than 40 years. Due to a number of design solutions in the T-190/225-12.8 turbine, the possibility of steam extraction for heating up to 275 Gcal/h is realized. The reliability of the turbine has increased, and overhaul period has been extended to 6 years.


Production of a modular composting complex has been completed at the Kurgan plant of integrated technologies (Intertechelectro Group). The equipment of its own design, which has no Russian analogues, is intended for use at industrial enterprises and waste management facilities. Currently, the complex is undergoing pilot operation, after which its serial production will begin at the plant. The composting complex consists of closed containers and a technical module, in which the control unit, filtrate and air purification systems are located.


The 400 kW container-type power plant is based on the SGE24 SL (Siemens Energy) gas engine. The plant is equipped with gas pollution control and gas fire extinguishing systems, automatic fire alarm systems.


The repair of the second combined-cycle gas plant has been completed at the power plant – the CCGT has started operating at nominal mode. 150 employees of the plant and 13 specialists of Mitsubishi Power, the manufacturer of the main equipment of the power station, took part in the repair work. As a result of the work carried out, the stability of energy production is ensured. The contract for the supply of equipment and turnkey construction of a 450 MW combined cycle power station was implemented by a consortium consisting of Mitsubishi Power and Mitsubishi Corporation together with the Turkish company Calik Energi.