Gas engine power station was manufactured and supplied by NG-Energo. The customer of the station is Lukoil – Zapadnaya Sibir, Ltd. Total electric output of the station is 6 MW. The station was developed on the base of four Energo-P1540/6,3KN30 high-voltage gas engine power plants. The main fuel for the station is associated petroleum gas from the field. The specialists of NG-Energo will carry out complex testing of the station.


Total electric output of the station is 3.6 MW. It consists of three ТE.1200S-Т400-2R diesel power plants each rated at 1200 kW. They were developed on the base of Perkins 4012-46TAG2A diesel engines and Stamford electric generators. The plants were manufactured and supplied to the site by Techexpo, Ltd. Diesel power plants operate under their own load. Parallel operation of the units is eliminated. The station has third level of automation.


Gas turbine power station will provide electric and thermal power for the needs of industrial complex. The station consists of four containerized Korvet-1.7K gas turbine power plants manufactured by MPP Energotechnika. The plants were developed on the base of Kawasaki Heavy Industries gas turbines. Construction and assembling works were carried out by subcontracting organization such as Antorius (Volgodonsk), MPP Energotechnika (Saratov), Cheboksarsky electrical accessories plant, YugEnergoProm (Rostov-on-Don). The station includes booster compressor station. First and second power plants were commissioned in 2017. They operate in cogeneration cycle. All generated electric and thermal power is used for technological needs of the enterprise. After commissioning of third and fourth power plants all demands of the enterprise in electric and thermal power will be provided. Excess energy will be sold to the main power grid. 


Sulzer Turbo Services Rus finished Level C inspection of Alstom 13E2 gas turbine on the site of Nizhneturinskaya thermal power station (T Plus) under long-term service agreement. For the first time ever remote supervising engineering of the specialists from Sulzer headquarter in Switzerland was applied for such inspection. The main inspection works on the site were carried out by Russian specialists. The scope of works included dismantling of gas turbine, compressor and electric generator cases, replace of combustion chamber and hot gas path components (AEV burners, etc.). Also the fault detection of the main components of gas turbine was carried out with the help of nondestructive method of testing. All auxiliary systems such as excitation and protection systems of electric generator were controlled.


Two GPA-8 Irtysh gas pumping units will be supplied to Alan and Zevardy booster compressor stations. They were developed on the base of Motor Sich AI-336-2-8 gas turbine engines and Baker Hughes PCL504 centrifugal compressors. Two GPA-16 Irtysh gas pumping units will be supplied to Dengizkul booster compressor station.


EnergoTechService company provided power supply for distribution center of retail store network in Novosemeykino settlement in Samarskaya Region. Modular power station was developed on the base of Jenbacher J320 gas engine power plant rated at 1067 kW with thermal output of 1226 kW. The station covers all demands of logistics center in electric and thermal power. The project was realized on BOO terms under which the customer pays only consumed power according to the tariffs specified by the contract. The station is fully integrated in electrical and thermal grids of distribution center and operates in parallel with external power network without export power to the network.


Kurgansky plant of complex technologies (Intertechelectro Group of Companies) finished assembly and started the delivery of units of wind-diesel power station to the site in Tiksi settlement. The customer of the project is Sakhaenergo JSC. General contractor for the project is Intertechelectro. The station with electric output of 3 MW is equipped with three Yanmar 6EY22LW diesel engine power plants operating on the mixture of crude oil and diesel fuel.