Hangar type gas pumping unit was developed on the base of NK-16-18ST gas turbine engine and 53GTs2-384/4-141 compressor plant. Its output is 2.1 mln m3/day. Outlet pressure is 15 MPa. Gas pumping unit was developed by NIIturbocompressor named after V.B. Shnepp. Gas pumping unit will be used for the compression of associated petroleum gas from the field.


Under the project GPB180D gas turbine power plant rated at 17 MW was commissioned on the site of Ferganskaya TETs thermal power station, GPB80D gas turbine power plant rated at 7 MW was put into operation on the site of district RK-3 boiler-house.


Under the contract Sulzer Turbo Services Rus will maintain two GTE-190 (V94.2) gas turbine power plants which are in operation on the site of Huadian-Teninskaya TETs thermal power station. The contract is in force till 2022.


Under the contract with Gasprom transgas Ukhta LLC UEC-Gas turbines will manufacture three GPA-25 gas pumping units. The delivery of the units to the site of Vorkutinskaya compressor station is planned in 2021. Vorkutinskaya compressor station operates as a part of Bovanenkovo-Ukhta cross-country natural gas pipeline. GPA-25 gas pumping unit was designed around PS-90GP-25 gas turbine developed by UEC-Aviadvigatel and manufactured by UEC-Perm motors.


The station was constructed by Sakhaenergo JSC under turn-key contract. The station consists of five isolated KTA50-G3 diesel power plants each rated at 800 kW and two KTA38-G5 diesel power plants each rated at 640 kW. All power plants were manufactured by Cummins. Total electric output of the station is 5280 kW. All power plants have third degree of automation. They are equipped with the systems of remote control and monitoring. Inside the station there is operator’s point of process control unit.


The consortium consisting of Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. (MHPS) commissioned power unit of Turakurganskaya TETs thermal power station constructed in Namanganskaya Region.


Under the contract NG-Energo manufactured and supplied to the customer three Energo-D1000/ 0.4KN30 plants each rated at 1000 kW and three Energo-D1600/0,4KN30 plants each rated at 1600 kW with voltage of 0.4 kV. They will work on the sites of Nimnyrskaya, Olekminskaya, Skovorodinskaya CS.