Production of a modular composting complex has been completed at the Kurgan plant of integrated technologies (Intertechelectro Group). The equipment of its own design, which has no Russian analogues, is intended for use at industrial enterprises and waste management facilities. Currently, the complex is undergoing pilot operation, after which its serial production will begin at the plant. The composting complex consists of closed containers and a technical module, in which the control unit, filtrate and air purification systems are located.


The 400 kW container-type power plant is based on the SGE24 SL (Siemens Energy) gas engine. The plant is equipped with gas pollution control and gas fire extinguishing systems, automatic fire alarm systems.


The repair of the second combined-cycle gas plant has been completed at the power plant – the CCGT has started operating at nominal mode. 150 employees of the plant and 13 specialists of Mitsubishi Power, the manufacturer of the main equipment of the power station, took part in the repair work. As a result of the work carried out, the stability of energy production is ensured. The contract for the supply of equipment and turnkey construction of a 450 MW combined cycle power station was implemented by a consortium consisting of Mitsubishi Power and Mitsubishi Corporation together with the Turkish company Calik Energi.


The contract for the supply of power equipment is being implemented with ACWA Power Corporation (Turkey). Mitsubishi Power, a subsidiary of MHI, supplied two M701JAC gas turbine power units with an electric capacity of 557 MW each. They will be installed at a combined cycle power plant under construction with a capacity of 1,500 MW.


According to the results of a survey of the largest Russian companies in the energy industry, the enterprise Modern gas turbine technologies LLC was recognized as the best among suppliers of gas turbines for the fuel and energy sector. The TEK-Rating Agency conducts annual surveys of generating and grid companies that evaluate manufacturers of energy equipment. The main objective of the rating is to identify the best manufacturers of products and service providers through a direct survey of consumers. This contributes to the development of the competitiveness of the fuel and energy equipment market, increasing its transparency and openness, and the exchange of information about suppliers between fuel and energy companies.


Within the framework of the localization program of the main equipment of GTU T32 gas turbine plant, which is part of the domestic gas pumping unit GPA-32 Ladoga, the manufacture of several large units of equipment of the hot path has begun. Among them are the blades and vanes of a low-pressure turbine, combustion chamber casing and high-pressure turbine discs.



Kazancompressormash JSC, a part of the HMS Group, has manufactured and supplied two gas pumping units for a booster compressor station at the field, the development of which is being conducted by Norilsktransgaz JSC.

The compressor system is located in an individual light-gathering shelter, equipped with a 16 MW NK-16ST gas turbine engine (manufactured by KMPO), as well as all monitoring and control systems. The applied solutions provide increased operational reliability, ease of maintenance and increased service life of the equipment.

The unit with a capacity of 2.966 million m3 per day and a final pressure of up to 4.1 MPa is designed to compress natural gas.