№6 (November-December)

№6 (November-December) 2010


  • Results of operation of Baltika-25 pipeline compressor units on Ukhtinskaya and Vyktylskaya compressor stations.
  • Autonomous power supply for Gardens of Seas hotel complex.
  • ComAp control systems. Grid peak loads elimination, conception and technical solutions.
  • NG-Energo: casing-head gas utilization; power effective solutions.
  • Hydraulic parameters of ChN 21/21 internal combustion engine cooling system.
  • Upgraded GT-32RP Ladoga is new development of Rep Holding JSC.
  • Axial force to rotor on transient modes of turbines operation. 
  • LVII scientific and technical session of Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gas turbine issues.
  • Energy Fresh '2010 exhibition and conference.