IN BRIEF #1-2016

•    Siemens power projects with leasing services in Russia.
Under present complicated situation in Russian economy and complexities with projects financing the application of various leasing schemes gives the opportunity to the customers of power equipment not to delay their plans for modernization of existing and construction of new power stations. Substantial assistance in the process Siemens projects realization in Russia is rendered by Siemens Finance which is one of the departments of Siemens AG. Under the teasing contracts the customers of Siemens power equipment receive not only financing of the projects but also complex solutions for modernization of their production facilities including consultancy support for any problems.
•    New generation two-shaft gas compressor unit for booster compressor stations.
The article presents the problems of application of gas compressor unit equipped with two-shaft centrifugal compressors with interstage cooling. The analysis of existing kinematic schemes of gas compressor units was carried out from effectiveness, reliability and maintainability point of view. New gas compressor unit developed by Novatek JSC is recommended for application for associated petroleum gas booster compressor stations with intermediate cycle of low temperature separation.
•    PGU-TETs power station in Kolpino: advanced technologies for reliable power generation.
The construction of first power unit of the station was carried out by Soyuz Power Development Corporation JSC under turn-key contract. General designer for the project is Kharkovsky Design-and-Engineering Institute Ltd. The customer of the station is GSR Energo managing company. The first unit of the station with total electric output of 110 MW was put in commercial operation in July 2014. The station was developed around GE Energy PG6111 FA gas turbine plant rated at 75 MW, T-25/33-7.6/0.12 steam turbine rated at 35 MW (Kaluga turbine plant).
•    Modernization of locomotive diesel generator DG-882L for TEM-9 and TEM-14 locomotives.
The article provides the results of modernization of diesel DG-882L for locomotives TEM-9 and TEM-14, that was made with the aim of increasing reliability, serviceability, acceleration capacity, mass dimensional values and fuel economy of the product. The comparison of the improved genset with the basic model of diesel generator is provided. The positive effect received after modernization is shown.
•    Distributed power generation – great achievements: Gold lightnings were bestowed to the winners.
V International Energy Forum Russian-Chinese Business-Dialogue: ener¬gy partnership of two countries was held on December 16th, 2015 in Chelyabinsk. The event was organized by the Association of the Ural Small Energy with the support of Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Chelyabinsk region. The main purpose of the event is discussion of the aspects for the development of joint projects in the field of power industry, as well as the expansion of bilateral cooperation in the field of modernization of the energy infrastructure in the region. As part of the event program the presentation of the national award Small energy – great achievements was held. The purpose of the award is the identifying of organizations who have achieved significant activities and achievements in the field of small distributed energy.
•    GTE-110 gas turbine plant vibration characteristics: ways for their enhancement.
Redaction of GTD-110 gas turbine engine vibration and improving reliability of its operation and vibration characteristics is one of the problems solving by development engineers at present under the program of the engine development. It is impossible to solve the problem without detailed and intensive study of dynamical parameters of the engine. These parameters can be obtained in the result of mathematical simulation and during special experimental tests. Optimum variant here will be integration of the results obtained by mathematical simulation and under experimental tests. The article presents some results of mathematical simulation of dynamical parameters of GTD-110 which was conducted in Dynamics R4 environment.
•    Russian power engineers have found the point for growth.
On the 16th of December, 2015 V annual energy forum Strategy of the mutual interaction on the international energy arena was held in Chelyabinsk The Ural Low Generation Association organizied the event with the support of the Russian Federation State Duma Energy Committee, RF Minenergo and Chelyabinsk region government. The representatives of the leading energy companies of Russia and also from foreign countries of the eastern part of the world, such as China, Iran, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and others took part in the work of the forum. The main aim of the event was to discuss the real ways out on the foreign energy market and, as a result, the Russian business efficiency in the crisis conditions. The experts of the forum came up with exact solutions to overcome crisis situation, and also ways to raise the efficiency of business.