IN BRIEF #3-2016

•    Siemens SGT-100 gas turbine plant in Arctic package developed by Zvezda-Energetika JSC.
Zvezda-Energetika JSC and Siemens presented to the market their common product, modular gas turbine plant rated at 5.4 MW. Zvezda-GT-5000VK-38M3 has high efficiency and modern modular construct can operate in severe Arctic conditions. The companies started the project of the plant development in 2013. The plant is intended for the operation on the site of oil & gas companies. The main requirement for the project was the possibility of the plant to operate at the ambient temperature of -60 °C. The plant was developed on the base of Siemens SGT-100 gas turbine rated at 5.4 MW with thermal output of 9.4 MW. Single-shaft gas turbine has simple construction and provides reliable load and unload processes. It is equipped with DLE combustion chamber. SGT-100 gas turbine compressor is 10-staged, transonic with overhung turbine. Under the development the parameters of the compressor were considerably improved.
•    Affirmative approach to the development of gas turbine plants control systems.
The specialists of Aviadvigatel JSC mastered the development, debugging and maintenance in operation of application program software of gas turbine plants control systems to increase the reliability of the plants and reduction of their prime cost. Complexity of application program software development is defined by great variety of industrial gas turbines and applied control systems. Perm design bureau develops gas turbines rated at 2.5, 4.0 and 6.0 MW on the base of D30 aeroderivative engine and rated at 10, 12, 16 and 25 MW on the base of PS90A aeroderivative engine.
•    SDMO-Kohler Power Group dies el power plants for Federal Tax Service data centers.
Two new data centers for Federal Tax Service were commissioned in Dubna and Gorodets. They will improve the work of state information system. At present they are the biggest state financial centers in the world. SDMO-Kohler Power Group supplies the solutions for data centers uninterruptible power supply fully compliant to the Uptime Institute Tier III requirements with its new data center power rating for the Exel and Pacific ranges. The article presents the experience of the company in realization of the projects in Dubna and Gorodets.
•    Marine diesel generating set on the base of D49 engine.
Zvezda-Energetika JSC developed diesel generating sets rated 1000 and 1600 kW on the base 22D49 (8ChN26/26) engines for Russian shipbuilding industry. D49 turbocharged engines are manufactured by Kolomensky plant JSC quite a while. They have proved design and provide reliable operation on railroad and marine transport. D49 engines have 8 cylinders with V-type arrangement. They are equipped with two turbo-compressors. Generating set was developed on the base of alternator supplied by Siemens-Elektroprivod Ltd. (Saint-Petersburg). It has voltage of 400 V and cooling system with overboard water.
•    Energas Ltd: through professional specialization to high quality and reliability.
Energas Ltd., BetgorodEnergas, ServiceEnergas are united by not only common brand. These companies have agreed goals and tasks, which are achieved by means of professional specialization and mutual responsibility for high quality of technological equipment for fuel gas treatment on various sites of power engineering, oil and gas and petrochemical branches of industry. It was proved many times that designed parameters for the efficiency and uninterrupted operation of generating equipment depends on the quality of gas treatment systems.
•    Technical requirements to lubricating oils tor gas pumping units.
Reliability of gas pumping units operation depends on performance parameters of using lubricating oils. Technical parameters stated in regulatory documentation for lubricating oils not always meet the requirements of gas pumping units operation. At present there is the tendency on the market to the expansion of lubricating oils variety offered by various manufacturers. Introduction of standard requirements to lube oils for gas pumping units will give the opportunity uniform Gazprom requirements to the oils and to increase the reliability of gas pumping units operation by means of improving the quality of using lubricating oils. For these purposes Gasprom VNIIGAS developed new classification of lubricating oils.
•    The optimal generation for the European economy.
Thanks to the large introduction of renewable generation in Europe, the balancing needs have increased tremendously. In this changed environment generation must be able to ensure a flexible operational pattern such as fast ramping and unloading and start multiple times. This drive for flexibility is not only for the electrical grids. At the same time there needs to be solutions for handling the heat generation and operate in the mode that is the most economical at any given moment. This paper has demonstrated the capabilities of the gas engine and its ability to contribute to balancing the electrical grid in an optimal way. The fast starting and stopping, the extreme loading rate and the frequency control of the gas engine has been presented, these features bring value already in many electrical markets around the world. On top of this it is also possible to combine this excellent electrical behavior with heat recovery into a dynamic district heating plant.
•    Calculation of Gas Pipeline Compressor Station Availability Factors Using the Monte Carlo Simulation Method.
In this paper, a typical transcontinental pipeline with multiple compressor stations is evaluated. The determination of the exact hydraulic behavior of the pipeline is part of the modeling effort. Site ambient conditions with a significant swing in ambient temperatures are considered. The use of Monte Carlo Simulations to determine pipeline availability will be demonstrated. Monte Carlo simulation is basically a sampling experience to estimate the distribution of an outcome variable that depends on several probabilistic input variables. Monte Carlo simulation is often used to evaluate the expected impact of probabilistic input variables. The issue discussed in this paper evolves around the availability that can be achieved with various configurations, based on actually achieved reliability and availability numbers. Also, the different statistical methods will be compared. The large impact on operating costs, fuel consumption will be discussed.
•    Siemens gas turbine power plants are manufactured in Russia.
The seminar Russian gas turbine building industry: modern challenges and Siemens solutions was held by Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies on the site of new production facilities of the company in Gorelovo settlement (Saint-Petersburg). Taking into account the intentions of power generating companies to reduce the costs of new power projects realization and increase the efficiency of new power stations Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies offered some technological and commercial solution for these tasks. First of all it is localization of generating equipment production in Russia and fixing of its price in rubles. Another solution is using of new version of SGT5-2000E gas turbine plant (185 MW) for new power stations in Russia. And the last one is the reconstruction of steam turbine power station on the base of K-200 and K-300 using up-to-date gas turbine plants. These solution will help to develop Russian power industry in present difficult economic situation.