IN BRIEF #4-2016

•    Development phases of low emission combustion chamber for GTE-110M gas turbine.
The article presents the results of complex design engineering works for the development of up-to-date low emission combustion chamber for GTE-110M gas turbine on the base of international experience. Domestic GTE-110 gas turbine plant rated at 110 MW was developed for application as a part of simple, cogeneration and combined cycle power plants. It can operate on the base, midrange and peak modes. The main problem of the turbine is high NOX emission levels. Existing combustion chamber was developed to burn premixed air-fuel mixture. At present combustion chamber was adjusted for the operation in diffusion mode with high level of emission in order to exclude possible flashback to the premixer and pressure fluctuation. The works for the modernization of GTE-110M combustion chamber was organized on the initiative of NPO Saturn, JSC.
•    GE Jenbacher gas engine power plants: energy for agribusiness.
Cold climate and few sunny days is the feature of the most regions in Russia. It makes impossible to practice agriculture in natural conditions all year round. But with the help of industrial technologies it is quite possible to take the crop when there is frost and snowstorm outside. GE Jendacher offers cogeneration power plants as highly efficient solution for Russian agricultural enterprises. One of the examples of such solutions is cogeneration power plant commissioned on the site of Lipetsk-Agro greenhouse complex. It consists of two JMS 620 GS gas engine plants each rated at 3.35 MW.
•    Total lubrication oils and hydraulic fluids: effective and reliable protection of gas engine power plants.
Present economic situation in Russia forces end users of the equipment to reduce electrical power consumption. One of the ways of solving the problem of energy independence is the installation of own gas engine power plant. The calculations made by the specialists show that this way gives the opportunity to the enterprise to reduce power consumption by two times. The article presents the solution which provides the opportunity to reduce remained electrical power costs 25 % more. Total offers up-to-date NATERIA MP 40 lubrication oil for gas engines. It is new generation low ash lubricant, specifically developed to extend oil drain interval, and to protect natural gas engines. It was developed for the most severe conditions such as fast engines, high temperatures and small oil sump capacity, etc. Application of NATERIA MP 40 gives the opportunity to significantly increase oil drain interval, lowering the number of engine stops and the running cost.
•    Calculation of Gas Pipeline Compressor Station Availability Factors Using the Monte Carlo Simulation Method.
In this paper, a typical transcontinental pipeline with multiple compressor stations is evaluated. The determination of the exact hydraulic behavior of the pipeline is part of the modeling effort. Site ambient conditions with a significant swing in ambient temperatures are considered. The use of Monte Carlo Simulations to determine pipeline availability will be demonstrated. Monte Carlo simulation is basically a sampling experience to estimate the distribution of an outcome variable that depends on several probabilistic input variables.
•    Gas turbines users club – innovative approach to maintenance of gas turbines.
Gas turbines have been the technology of choice for new fossil fuel fired generation capacity in Europe and other parts of the world due to their efficiency in combined cycle, cycling capability and fast starting. Current market conditions, however, have seriously challenged gas turbine plant operators in Europe to reduce their operating costs in order to maintain economic viability. The introduction of independent service providers has opened up the competition in certain regions of the world, resulting in lower service costs, access to innovative repair technologies, as well as improvements in the quality of after-sales services. The next level in achieving increased competition and market power for operators is the establishment of Users groups for particular gas turbine models. This paper presents a case study of the Users Club concept introduced by SS&A Power Consultancy that has generated significant interest by major Utilities and Independent Power Producers operating globally. This paper will detail key principles, advantages and issues of practical application of such novel concept.
•    CHP plant operational flexibility.
The rising market share of renewable energy leads to the discussion about co-gen or combined cycle. Quite a number of co-gen power stations have faced preservation, right after commissioning. A bypass system integrated between the gas turbine and the waste heat recovery boiler would have provided these power plants with the necessary flexibility to react to the ever changing electricity demand of the markets – would have made such power plant investments into much safer investments. Features like all time cold start availability, simple cycle operation to respond to grid demand, combined cycle at all time and grid stability by quick change over – this flexibility of a bypass system makes a modern gas turbine power plant into profitable investments. Compact Global is an aspiring company: innovative, ambitious, and meticulous in development. The power generation industry worldwide has confidence in its technology, it is new, different, reliable and based on millions of operating hours of experience. Customers appreciate Compact competence, latest and patented technologies, engineers' reliability and their creativity.
•    Updating of energotechnological systems being a part of gas pumping units for oil & gas industry.
The article presents the main problems solving during the process of integration of energotechnological systems being a part of gas pumping units for oil & gas industry and some results achieved under this process. The main results of generalized analysis of aeroderivative gas turbine engines using for the drive of gas compressor units are presented in the first part of the paper. The authors also consider the most prospective directions of their future development taking into account the experience of industrial gas turbine drives creation. Gas compressor units of GPA-Ts type rated at 4.0...25.0 MW developed by Sumskoye NPO, РАО are used by oil and gas enterprises in Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan and others and provide natural gas production, transportation and processing.
•    Power-Gen Europe’ 2016.
International Power-Gen Europe Conference and Exhibition, co-located with Renewable Energy World Europe, experienced a record number of attendees across the events over three days. This year's event has seen a great number of exhibitors – 535 companies from 112 countries. The event provided a clear picture that the European power market is changing and it is changing fast. The high number of attendees across all three events is a reflection of the industry's eagerness to discover the latest developments in business, technology and policy at a moment of such rapid change for power generation. It's an exciting time to be working in such an innovative industry and it has been great to see professionals from every sector of the power sector come together to discuss the challenges that they face and how they can work together to meet these. Many speakers on various sessions of the conference explained that a new era has dawned across the European energy market and a deep transformation is underway. Renewable energy technologies such as smart grids have proven to significantly increase energy efficiency and companies on a global scale are beginning to invest heavily in their development. They also noted that the energy market is becoming increasingly converged for suppliers and consumers.