IN BRIEF #6-2016

•    The experience of development and construction of GTPP and CCPP on the base of GTE-110 gas turbine power plants.
The application of domestic gas turbine engines and combined cycle power plants on their base in Russian power engineering industry not only increase the independence of national power system from the import. It also gives the opportunity to Russian industrial enterprises to develop their production and to develop advanced effective and reliable heavy duty gas turbines. At present several power stations on the base of GTE-110 gas turbine power plant were constructed and commissioned. Among them are: gas turbine plant of Ispytatelny Stend JSC on the site of Ivanovskiye PGU JSC, power units M1 and M2 of PGU-325 combined cycle power station of Ivanovskiye PGU JSC, GTE-110 gas turbine power plant on the site of Ryazanskaya GRES-24 (OGK-6) thermal power station.
•    Lubricating oils for distributed power generation.
Rosnejt oil company developed own range of lubricating oils for gas engines. GEO 404 and 408 oils are low-ash oils for two-stroke and four-stroke gas engines running on natural gas. The oils are specially designed for use where both imported (Caterpillar, Jenbacher, Perkins, and Deutz) and domestically produced turbocharged engines are running under high loads and temperatures. The low-ash composition allows using GEO oils in the engines which are provided with exhaust catalytic converter systems and run on lean and stoichiometric fuel mixtures. The oils comprise the functional package of imported additives consisting of the ashless dispersants.
•    Russian technologies and international partnership for the project of Vysotsk LNG plant.
On June 2016, within the framework of St. Petersburg international economic forum, REP Holding and OMZ-Dealim LLC signed a contract to supply equipment for the first Russian medium-tonnage liquefied natural gas plant – Vysotsk LNG. The contract provides for manufacture and supply of two mixed refrigerant compressor units based on high-tech heavy-duty simple cycle gas turbines rated at 22/25 MW. They are produced under license from Solar Turbines.
•    MKS Group of companies constructed power station on the site of the biggest gold-processing plant.
The power station was commissioned on the site of Svetlinskaya gold-processing plant which is an affiliate of Yuzhuralzoloto Group of companies. All construction and commissioning works were carried out by the specialists of MKS Group of companies. Equipment assembling period was just two weeks. The station was developed on the base of two TCG 2020 V20 gas engine power plants each rated at 2000 kW. The station operates on the cogeneration mode. Recovered waste heat from the exhaust gases and engines' jacket is used in existing heating system of the enterprise. The station is equipped with ТЕМ control system.
•    Cascaded steam and Organic Rankine Cycles with Kaishan Compressor Screw Expenders.
Low pressure saturated steam exists in a lot of industries. The recovery of the energy from the low pressure saturated steam can save tremendous power consumption for those industries. Although the Rankine cycle with a steam turbine can be used to generate the power from the low pressure saturated steam, the isentropic efficiency of the steam turbine is low, the reliability is questionable due to the two phase expansion, and the size is typically large due to the low pressure.
•    SDMO: 50 years of experience and a leading position on the energy market.
This year was very eventful for SDMO Industries SAS. The company changed its brand to KOHLER-SDMO. Founded in 1966 in Brest (France) by the Meunier Group, SDMO Industries is today the third biggest player worldwide in the generating set market. Initially the main task of the company was to distribute MWM marine engines. Later in 1969 SDMO moves towards the manufacture of generating sets and phases out the distribution of marine engines. After its regional success, in 1973 SDMO decides to develop its presence on the French market opening an office in Paris and building its head office and an adjacent plant to accommodate for its growth. Then two sales offices were opened in France to strengthen the national development. SDMO set up a distribution network in Africa and took on its first export sales representative. Thanks to considerable success in Libya, SDMO established itself in the region and won an increasing number of contracts in the Middle East and French-speaking Africa.
•    Lubricating oil thermal oxidation stability is effective way for costs saving of the enterprise.
Service life durability of turbine lubricating oil is affected by great number of factors connected with operational conditions of gas turbine plant. Among them are: water contamination, presence of insoluble and other types of impurities, operational temperature, the quality and promptness of technical maintenance of the turbine. At that to evaluate oil condition, its remaining lifetime, and also gas turbine condition is possible only in accordance with the results of analyses of the oil conducted in specialized laboratory. Suitable high-quality turbine oil in conditions of regular control and maintenance will serve long ajar. In result it gives the opportunity to avoid substantial losses connected with gas turbine outages which amount to million rubles per day. Prevalently the outages of the turbines are connected with filtering elements change, lubricating oil replacement, etc.
•    KG2 gas turbine: operation experience and advantages of design.
The Dresser-Rand KG gas turbine family comprises nearly 1,000 units produced and installed in the field and has accumulated more than 25 million operating hours, with some high-time engines running for more than 245,000 continuous hours. The highly efficient KG2-3G gas turbine is the successor of the successful KG 2-3 С and E gas turbine products. It is designed to meet ever more demanding emission regulations, making it ideally suited for continuous power generation on and offshore, as well as for emergency and stand-by power supply. Because of its simple, low-maintenance design, high reliability and operational experience.
•    Evaluation of gas compressor station operation.
The number of gas compressors being installed on each compressor station of cross-country pipeline and their arrangement effect significantly to the availability, fuel consumption and effectiveness of the whole system. The article presents the degree of impact evaluation of such factors as gas turbine type and arrangement of compressors at the site of compressor station. Economic benefit of gas compressor station operation significantly depends on the type of compressors. Important factors at that are also operation costs (fuel cost especially) and the price of the equipment taking into account service life of the equipment. The number and arrangement of the compressors at the site, driver type and presence of stand-by power plants, driver and compressors types effect to the costs, fuel consumption, operational flexibility. Capital costs for the project consist of the equipment price and costs for its installation. The price of the equipment includes the price of driving engine, compressor and baseplate, but also the price of auxiliary systems.
•    GE Waukesha gas engines for oil & gas market.
Under distributor agreement Energotehservice Ltd. in cooperation with General Electric arranged the conference devoted to the application of GE Waukesha gas engines in oil & gas industry. The event was hosted in Russia for the first time. Further it is planned to hold the conference on a regular basis. The most part of the reports presented during the conference related to the development, manufacture, updating and operation experience of GE Waukesha medium-speed engines. GE Waukesha gas engines are designed to perform reliably in isolated, mission-critical and demanding applications. Featuring durable design and unsurpassed flexibility, our rich-burn and lean-burn alternatives cover a wide variety of applications and varying emissions compliance levels.
•    The winners of Small power generation – great achievements international prize were announced in Moscow.
Grand ceremony of winners awarded were held this year in Moscow. This year the organizing committee has totally registered 52 applications from Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Republic of Belarus, etc. 20 projects have reached the final step of the international award. The award was given in four categories: The best project in power range up to5MW, The best project in power range of 5 MW and more, The best project in the sphere of alternative power generation, Innovative development in the sphere of power generation. The award was initiated and organized by the Ural Low Generation Association with the support of Russian Federation State Duma energy committee, RF Ministry of Energy, Chelyabinskaya oblast government. The purpose of the award is the identifying of organizations who have achieved significant activities and achievements in the field of small distributed energy.
•    Power-Gen Russia ‘2016 exhibition and conference.
Annual Power-Gen Russia conference and exhibition, featuring HydroVision Russia, successfully took place at the Expocentre, Moscow. More than 2300 visitors from 61 countries, 63 exhibitors from 12 countries, and over 300 delegates were in attendance from Russia and around the world. Along with the intention of looking into ways to update the Russian electric power industry, Power-Gen Russia presented the latest industry solutions and innovations as well as the best practices for modernization and efficiency improvement of energy assets from all over the world. A number of changes were made to the three-day event program including the integration of HydroVision Russia. It enabled Power-Gen Russia to better highlight the main issues and problems within the industry, for instance the latest achievements in the field of hydroelectricity.
•    Ros-Gaz-Expo ‘2016.
The XX international specialized exhibition of natural gas industry and technologies for gas facility was held on 4-7 of October in Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Complex, Saint Petersburg. The business program of the exhibition included conferences, workshops and presentations and intended for professionals of gas industry. Purposes of the event are to demonstrate the newest projects, technologies and equipment for natural gas industry, to contribute to promotion of gas saving ideas and foreign investments attraction. The exhibition is the largest in the Northwest region specialized exhibition for natural gas industry. Ros-Gaz-Expo exhibition was accompanied by the specialized exhibitions of heat-power engineering Boilers and Burners and the specialized exhibition Power saving and efficiency. Here the latest scientific and technical developments in the sphere of gas utilization technologies and a wide range of heat and power equipment were presented.