IN BRIEF #1-2017

•    Zvezda-Energetika JSC: commissioning of power station for ammonia plant in Kazakhstan.
Zvezda-Energetika completed the works under EPC contract for development and construction of power station on the site of KazAzot in Aktau and for complex modernization of GPP-110 kV electric substation. Total electric output of the station is 40 MW. The station was developed on the base of four Wartsila 20V34SG gas engine power plants each rated at 10 MW. The station is equipped with steam waste-heat boilers with total thermal output of 17.5 tons of steam per hour. All generated electric and thermal power for technological needs of the enterprise.
•    Next Generation 7305 – new generation of Bosch industrial spark plugs.
The most well-known production of Bosch, which became the real emblem of the company, is spark plugs. They play the very important role for reliable operation of the engine. Specifically developed to withstand harsh operating conditions, the Next Generation 7305 is engineered to be the most advanced spark plug on the market. The Next Generation 7305 is an engineering achievement with a host of new features and optimized design leading up to 30 % improvement in lifetime. It is especially suited for engines running on biogas, landfill and other special gases where the operating environment is particularly harsh. Bosch, with over 114 years history in spark plug engineering, interweaves longevity, reliability and value for money like no other. The new plugs have larger ground electrode profile increases mechanical strength and thermal conductivity thus contributing to improved wear behavior.
•    The experience of development and construction of GTPP and CCPP on the base of GTE-110 gas turbine power plants.
The application of domestic gas turbine engines and combined cycle power plants on their base in Russian power engineering industry not only increase the independence of national power system from the import. It also gives the opportunity to Russian industrial enterprises to develop their production and to develop advanced effective and reliable heavy duty gas turbines.
•    Cogeneration power station was commissioned in Mys Kamenniy village (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area).
The station consists of two ITE1500G gas engine power plants each rated at 1,500 kW. They were developed on the base of Mitsubishi GS16R2PTK gas engines. The manufacturer of the plants is Kurgan plant of complex technologies. Intertecheleciro Group of Companies as a general contractor performed the design and civil works, packaging, supply and installation of the gensets, as well the plant commissioning and putting into service. Construction of the power plant in the Mys Kamenny village is carried out under the investment program of Yamalkommunenergo JSC.
•    8DM-21NG diesel engine for power generation.
Under the program of import substitution valid since in Russia 2014 the replacement of engine units at power stations is realized with the retention of main operational parameters of the equipment such as reliability and fuel efficiency. In 2015 in accordance with technical specifications Ural diesel engine plant developed new modification of 8DM-21NG diesel engine under the order of NG-Energo Ltd. It is intended for the use as a part of stationary power station with nominal electric output of 1,000 kW. The engine operates with stable speed of 1,500 rpm with loads of 25%, 50%, 75 % and 100 % of designed output. The engine is equipped with turbocharging pulse system with two TKRI80 superchargers, two exhaust manifolds with liquid cooling and two tubular coolers of compressed air. TKRI80 superchargers were manufactured by Turbotechnika NPO (Protvino). Full-scale verification and validation tests were carried out at the enterprise. According to the test results the engine was approved for the operation. The deliveries of 8DM-21NG diesel engines will be started in the nearest future.
•    3D printing – additive manufacturing technologies on the rise.
Although 3D (metal) printing is not a brand new technology it is currently seeing some tailwinds. There is a strong need for building prototypes faster and almost a hype to produce parts without any limitations, rethinking traditional ways of component design and manufacturing. The target in a competition between the big players of all industrial areas is to be the frontrunner, implementing 3D metal printed parts into serial production. GE is making great progress with metal additive manufacturing in multiple areas. This article will give an overview on the actual status in printing technologies.
•    Transmission gear with soft coupling developed by UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC.
Rather often during gas turbine plant operation axial displacement of the plants occurs. At this mutual axial and longitudinal misalignment appears. Perm design bureau developed transmission gears with soft laminated couplings. The length of transmission gears is 118-2,600 mm, rotation speed is 1,000-14,350 rpm. These transmission gears are used for gas turbine plants rated at 2.5-25 M W which are in operation for power generation and oil and gas transportation. Transmission gears with ration speed of 23,000 rpm were developed for gas turbine test facilities.
•    Dual Fueled Gas Turbine System for Standby Generator Set.
Demand of dual fuel of liquid and gas is increased in a business of the standby gas turbine generator set. In this paper, technology in Niigata Power Systems regarding to dual fueled gas turbine system will be introduced. Following two main features will be described. The first one is the general description of the gas turbine package. The package mainly includes in a generator, a reduction gear, gas turbines and dual fuel supply units. The gas turbine components are also introduced.