INGK (Iskra Oil & Gas Compressor) Ltd. manufactured compressor plants for Yurubcheno-Takhomskoye field (Krasnoyarsky Area)

Ariel KBU/6 opposed reciprocating compressor with the drive from Caterpillar G3616LE engineThe plants are intended for compression and injection of associated petroleum gas into formation. Twelve plants developed on the base of Ariel KBU/6 opposed reciprocating compressors with the drive from Caterpillar G3616LE engines each rated at 3.5 MW. Gas pressure at inlet of gas compressor station is 0.6 MPa, outlet pressure is 28 MPa. Volumetric capacity of each compressor is 23,060 m3/h. The customer of the project is East-Siberian oil & gas company.

Each compressor plant is installed in separate ready-to-operate module. Air cooler units and interstage separators are arranged on the special site. The commissioning of compressor station is planned this year. The main difficulty of the project is the content of associated petroleum gas. The gas contains great volume of hydrogen sulphide and it is necessary to use special technical and technological equipment for gas treatment.

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Fri, 04/28/2017
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