IN BRIEF #3-2017

•    Developing additive manufacturing technology for burner repair.
Siemens industrial gas turbines SGT-800 and SGT-700 are equipped with 3rd generation of DLE burners. These burners demonstrate reliable operation for the duration of their lifetime. The design and shape of the burner tip is of great importance in order to achieve a good fuel/air mixture and at the same time a resistance to the fatigue created by heat radiation input. The article describes how Siemens developed and qualified DLE burners repair with the help of additive manufacturing technology and research work performed. The article highlights the challenges faced during design, materials qualification and repair work shop set-up.
•    Test facility for production complex of Zvezda-Energetika JSC.
One of new and promising directions of company development is the production of marine generating sets. At present Zvezda-Energetika is the only manufacturer of such plants in Russia and has opportunity to carry out full-scale testing of this equipment. The creation of test facility of its own site is ambitious investment project of the company. The realization of the project gives the opportunity to increase the reliability of manufactured equipment and promotes the development of high-end technologies at the enterprise. New facility provides the opportunity to test land-based and marine generating sets rated up to 4 MW and voltage of 400, 690, 6300 and 10500 V. Test facility consists of three technological modules: aggregate module, operator room and heating unit. The first sets which will be tested are DGAS-1000M-10 and DGAS-1600M-10 on the base of MTU engines. The tests will be started in summer 2017.
•    UEC-Gas Turbines power plants are in operation on the site of Shinginskoye oil field.
Reliable power supply of remote oil & gas fields on the base of autonomous gas turbine power stations is the very important task for oil & gas companies. Russian gas turbines are optimal solution of this problem. GTA-6RM gas turbine plant manufactured by UEC-Gas Turbines is the most required on the market. At present more than 60 power plants are in operation on various sites. Their total operating time is more than 2 mln hours. Among the customers of the equipment are leading Russian companies such as Lukoil JSC, Surgutneftegas JSC, Rosneft PJSC and others. The order for the production and delivery of GTA-6RM gas turbine plants for Gaspromneft-Vostok was received in 2013.
•    Interactive automated control system on the base of AIS-ORION software and hardware complex: application experience.
The specialists of Systema-Service research and production company developed innovative highly-efficient method for the architecting of technological processes control system. The main principle of this method is in creation of systems from unified basic elements -aggregate intelligent station (AIS), integrated to unified information structure by means of I-interface. Each AIS manages separate technological unit or process. Integrated management is carried out by means of come aggregate intelligent stations interconnection through I-interface.
•    Fuel gas conditioning is complex complicated process.
At present fuel the conditioning of fuel gas of various types and quality is very complicated process which gives the opportunity to get design parameters of the gas concerning purity, temperature, humidity, pressure, consumption and others. Specific stage of this process is gas compression. Booster compressor stations are used for gas compression and preparation of the gas for transportation and delivery to gas-using equipment. Such stations consist of one or more compressor plants. Complex gas processing is the main direction of Energas Group activity. Since 2007 the company realized more than 120 such projects and supplied 243 gas processing plants to the customers. In oil & gas sphere equipment of the company is in operation on the sites of 42 fields.
•    GE Waukesha VHP engines – assured reduction operational costs.
VHP P9394 GSI gas engine developed by the Distributed Power division of GE is the most up-to date one in Series Four engines. It combines proven features common to Series Two VHP engines with a number of design enhancements and packaging improvements, resulting in the highest horsepower output. An enhanced combustion system provides tower exhaust temperatures and improved fuel efficiency for decreased service and operation costs while still maintaining the application flexibility associated with rich-burn engines.
•    Diesel power plants manufactured by Gaztehnika Ltd. are in operation in Russian northern regions and in African continent.
Gaztehnika Ltd. is situated in Krasnodar and manufactures various power plants. The company has up-to-date production facilities and manufactures diesel generating set on the base of diesel engines of leading world manufacturers nominally rated up to 3000 kVA: MTU (Germany) 860...2305 kVA, Perkins (UK) 8...2280 kVA, Cummins (USA) 8...3000 kVA, Mitsubishi (Japan) 860...2495 kVA. Main power equipment is installed, depending of customers' requirements in canopies (weatherproof, with noise insulation, on chassis) and in containers of various design (vandal-proof, Sever type, etc.). Production center of the company is equipped with advanced equipment. Capabilities of the equipment allow to manufacture metal profile with a complex geometry, provides increased stiffness.
•    Latest development of MD36G large gas engine.
Mitsui Engineering & Co., Ltd. has developed a large size lean-burn gas engine MD36G jointly with Daihatsu Diesel MFG. CO., Ltd. The base engine of MD36G is the medium-speed diesel engine Daihatsu DK-36 which has a large number of records and experiences in both land and marine engines. Power output range of MD36G is 3 to 7 MW and put on the market from April 2008. Ignition system of MD36G is direct-injection micro pilot to the cylinder which is the significant feature of this gas engine.