IN BRIEF #6-2017

•    Advanced Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine plants on the site of Central TETs in Saint-Petersburg.
Full-scale modernization of Central TETs thermal power station in Saint-Petersburg is one of priority projects of TGC-t generating company. Under the project up-to-date CHP plant was created on the site of the station. It consists of two power units on developed on the base of Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine power plant and waste-heat boiler. Total electric output of the station is 100 MW, thermal output is 120 Gcal/h. The customer and investor of the project is Mezhregionenergostroy Ltd. General designer is Teploelectroproject Institute, general contractor is Managing Company of Unites Petersburg Energy Constructing Consortium. The commissioning of the station gave the opportunity to shut down some of obsolete boiler-houses.
•    International conference in Tyumen: «Distributed power generation in Oil & Gas industry».
Distributed power generation in Oil & Gas industry international conference was held in Tyumen on 20th of September 2017. The organizers of the conference was EnergoTechService (Tyumen) and GE Distributed Power. The event became the one of highlights of VIII Tyumen Oil & Gas Forum which is held annually in Tyumen in the middle of September and gathers more than 2000 participants. This year EnergoTechService got official status of strategic partner of the Forum. Under the program of the Forum two important documents were signed. According to the first document EnergoTechService became authorized distributor of GE Jenbacher gas engine power plants on Russian market. The second paper gave the start to the project of construction of EnergoTechService plant for assembly of General Electric power plants at the site in the suburb on Tyumen.
•    Lean burn engines – The optimal power source for energy solutions.
The power generating world is living the change. Several countries have made the political decision to move away from conventional power generation towards more environmentally sustainable solutions. The currently available sustainable solutions, mainly solar and wind power, have the drawback, besides the high investment cost, of the rainy days without wind. The de-centralization of power generation is another obvious change. The most competitive solution, given the boundary conditions today, is the lean burning gas engine. The Smart Power Generation™, enabling fast starting and stopping for the sudden clouds in the sky or lack of wind as the weather fronts move away, is a spinning reserve without spinning. This article will focus on the recent technology developments on spark-ignited gas engines and how these will support the change the power generation is living today. The development regarding fast loading and unloading, as well as Grid Code Compliance and efficiency at high and partial load will be analyzed in greater detail.
•    Rebranding of Rosneft lubricating oils for gas engine power plants.
NK Rosneft PJSC is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality lubricating oils. At present the company produces wide range of oils with high operational parameters which can work even in the most severe environmental conditions. Effectiveness of operation is the most important challenge for enterprises now. The decision of Rosneft to this challenge is comprehensive specialization at development and production of lubricating oils. Customization in other words. Clear illustration of such approach is development of the oil for industrial gas engines operating as a part of power stations on natural gas, associated petroleum gas and other gases. They operate in rather severe conditions. As a rule such power stations are the main and the only electric power source for enterprises. They operate on the base mode during rather long period. Service life of the engines on condition of high-quality of maintenance and overhaul can be of several dozens of years.
•    New KOHLER engines in KD Series model range of SDMO Industries.
KD Series is the newest line of generators powered with advanced KOHLER diesel engines. The generator sets unprecedented power density makes this new line ideal for the needs which are constantly more demanding. With a wide range of powers 800…4000 kWe, they are ideal for every industrial power segment use and benefit from KOHLER worldwide quality of service. As a global leader in the power market, KOHLER now designs its generator engines. KOHLER has brought their many years of power generator experience into the development of these engines, making KOHLER engine ideal for power generation. It controls perfectly its production cycles that it brings to its highest level of requirement. KD SERIES generating sets provide reliable solutions, characterized by low fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals and an unequalled compactness for a wide range of applications as health, data center, airports, industry and power plants. Six years of R&D were needed to develop this range during which each component was designed and tested in laboratories.
•    Gastechnika power plants are in operation in Nepal.
Gastechnika Ltd. supplied ERGA three diesel engine power plants each rated at 700 kVA under the contract with mobile network operator in Nepal. The plants will be installed on the site of Data processing center which is at present under the reconstruction in Katmandu, capital of Nepal. During the development of the project the specialists of the company took into account all enough stringent requirements to the levels of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere of diesel engines and requirements for their acoustic influence. According to the customer's demands all diesel power plants in noise-insulated casings will be installed in special building with increased soundproofing.
•    New 25 MW power station for Green Line green-house complex.
Power station M 2 commissioned in Plastunovskaya village, Krasnodarsky Area, is used for electric and thermal power supply to Green Line green-house complex. The project was realized by Engul-Powertech company on turn-key basis in ten months. The station consists of six Enguls.r.o. (Slovakia) 5300 GG (GH) power plants. They were developed on the base of MWM TCG 2032 V16 gas engines. Electric output of each power plant is 4.13 MW, thermal output is 4.165 MW. Total electric output of the station is 25 MW, thermal output is 25.1 MW. The station is equipped with Engul 1250 stand-by diesel power plant rated at 1250 kVA (voltage of 0.4 kV). It is installed in the separate building. It has the opportunity of synchronization at indoor switchgear bus leads of 10 kV with the main power plants of the station.
•    Ural Distributed Power Generation Association: alliance of top rank companies.
Ural Distributed Power Generation Association is a non-profit organization in distributed power generation area. It was established in 2010, and set its position in a very short time in the industry. Experts proved that Ural Distributed Power Generation Association made a great contribution to the development of distributed power generation in the country. The main goal of the association is to establish distributed generation market and to combine efforts of regional small and medium enterprises for development of distributed power generation market in the region and in Russia. One of the stable latest trends in the global economy is the dynamic development of the distributed generation market. The most noticeable confirmation of it is the Chelyabinsk Oblast. The volume of energy production in the sphere of distributed power generation reached 350 MW, and by 2025 the double growth here is projected.
•    Heat & Power’ 2017 exhibition.
Heat & Power International exhibition oj industrial boilers, heat exchange and power generation equipment was held on 24-26 October 2017 in Moscow, at the most up-to-date exhibition centre – Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre. The Exhibition-2017 participants were manufacturers and suppliers of industrial heat generating, heat exchange and auxiliary engineering equipment, and autonomous power supply systems, namely, Caterpillar Energy Solutions, GMGen Power Systems, MTU ,MWM, Motortech, Energotech, etc. Heat & Power 2017 was visited by more than 2600 representatives of generating and heat supply companies, directors and professionals.
•    International scientific-technical conference Gas transportation systems (GTS’ 2017) in Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC.
The VII International Gazprom's conference and exhibition GTS-2017 hosted by Gazprom on 26-27 October 2017 was aimed at summarizing the international and domestic experience in the field of gas transportation and gas mains operation. The Conference focused on relevant issues of gas transportation systems development and operation, implementation features of new-generation large-scale gas transportation projects, experience of the existing equipment operation and fundamental approaches to the creation of new technological equipment for pipeline transport facilities. The experience of the companies belonging to the Gazprom Group and the leading oil and gas companies was presented within the framework of the conference.