Gas pumping unit manufactured by Kazancompressormash was commissioned on the site of Yuzhno-Balyksky gas processing plant.

Complete gas pumping unit passed full-scale testing and was accept into service on the site of Yuzhno-Balyksky gas processing plant (Sibur-TyumenGas JSC). Unit capacity is 170 000 m3/h, output pressure is 8.0 MPa. It was developed on the base of 4GTs2-242/12-80 compressor unit and gas turbine drive rated at 18 MW manufactured by KMPO. It will be used for compression of dry stripped gas supplied from UPG-1 and UPG-2 gas treatment plants. After compression the gas is supplied to low-temperature condensation plant and then to cross-country pipeline.

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Mon, 01/08/2018
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