Diesel power plant provides standby power supply to oncologic dispensary of Adygeya Republic.

Power equipment was supplied by KrialEnergoStroy Company. АD-400S-Т400 diesel power plant has electric output of 400 kW. It was developed on the base of Doosan DP158LD diesel engine. The manufacturer of the equipment is TSS Group of companies. The specialists of KrialEnergoStroy fulfilled the delivery of the equipment to the site and carried out all civil and commissioning works. АD-400S-Т400 diesel power plant is equipped with fuel tank with a capacity of 500 litres for continuous operation.

All main and auxiliary equipment is installed in Sever-6 container manufactured by KrialEnergoStroy. Sever container provides compatibility to sanitary regulations to noise levels. In such configuration power plants can be installed in close vicinity to residential districts, schools and hospitals. The plant is equipped with automatic fire-fighting and alarm systems.

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Mon, 05/07/2018
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