IN BRIEF #1-2018

Siemens introduces the SGT-A45 TR mobile gas turbine to the market.

Siemens has now developed a new mobile gas turbine unit for this rapidly growing market. This product achieves unsurpassed levels of power density with the typical attributes of mobile units: installation in two weeks or less, and a high degree of mobility to facilitate initial delivery or relocation of the unit by road, sea or air. Such features are made possible by an aero-derivative engine core, which utilizes proven components and inherits best-in-class levels of fuel efficiency and operational flexibility.

New G9620 gas engine developed by Liebherr.

The G9620 has been designed as a 20-cylinder V-engine and thus extends the performance range of gas engines into the upper performance range. The model is equipped with built-in air filters, control units with calibrated data sets as well as completely new water cooling design. This simplifies the work of packagers and allows greater flexibility in applications.

Kawasaki gas turbine plants operation on Russky island.

The article presents operation experience of gas turbine power plants of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (Japan) in real process-balance conditions different from defined in the project and also depending on established tariff rates and legislation regulating the sphere of electric and thermal power generation. Far Eastern Energy Management Company under the Federal program for economic and social development of Far East realized the project of power cluster construction on Russky Island.

The cluster includes three high-technology power stations: Severnaya station with total electric power of 3.6 MW, Central station – 33 MW and Oceanarium rated at 13.2 MW.

Defining true flexibility –a comparison of gas-fired generating technologies.

Power plant flexibility – the ability to rapidly adjust output up or down as demand and system loads fluctuate is recognized as a vital tool to manage variable renewable energy production and provide grid support services. Wartsila power plants set the standard for true flexibility due to their rapid start up time, fast ramping capability and modular design. Increasing penetration of variable renewable energy sources presents challenges for transmission grid operators to maintain electric reliability. The intermittency in wind and solar loads is managed with redundant generating capacity that can quickly respond to these fluctuations, and has predominately been served by coal and gas-fired units.

Mobil lubricating oil: application at Mezhdunarodnaya TES power station.

Mezhdunarodnaya TES power station is one of the most up-to-date power station not only in Russia but also in the world. Total electric output of combined cycle power station is 240 MW. In 2013 operating personnel of the station came across a problem of sludge and lacquer sediments on the components of the equipment of the station. In 2015 plant management made the decision to transfer main power equipment of the station to Mobil lubricating oils. Up to 2017 four Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine plants and two SST-700 steam turbine plants started to use Mobil DTE 846 lubricating oil. Mobil Glygoyle 11 lubricating oil is used for booster compressor plants of fuel gas.

Fuel cells for decentralized power generation.

Global demand for electric power is on the rise, while tolerance for pollution and potentially hazardous forms of power generation is on the decline. Traditional forms of power generation primarily made up of centralized fossil fuel plants are becoming less favored in lieu of clean, distributed power generation technologies.Reliable and environmentally friendly power sources are invaluable energy assets in commercial and industrial applications because interruptions to the power grid can lead to upset clients and significant loss of revenue. Among the various options in decentralized power generation on-site fuel cell power plants are reliable source of baseload power. Easy to site Direct FuelCell® power plants are well suited for various applications with significant and continuous power needs. As an added benefit to the ultra-clean electrical power generation capabilities of Direct Fuel Cell®, the high quality heat produced within the fuel cells can be used for facility heating and cooling.

The winners of Small power generation – great achievements international prize were announced in Moscow. This year the organizing committee has totally registered 85 applications from Russia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, etc. 55 projects have reached the final step of the international award. The award was given in four categories: The best project in power range up to 5 MW, The best project in power range of 5 MW and more, The best project in the sphere of alternative power generation, Innova-tive development in the sphere of power generation.