IN BRIEF #4-2018

Optimization of a gas power plant in an isolated grid.

Fast starting gas engines integrated with an energy storage battery system provide a great potential for fuel and cost savings. In remote areas, for example island grids, where fuel prices are generally high, the study presented in this paper will reveal the great potential of integrated hybrid power plants.


Gas conditioning system for Kazanskaya TETs-1 – high-tech product of Globaltechexport Ltd.

The main feature of the project is that initially main power equipment of the station was developed and manufactured and partially supplied to another region – for Novobereznikovskaya TETs (Permsky Area). Later the project was adapted for the site of Kazanskaya TETs-1.

The station is situated within the city boundaries. For this reason the site for the new power station was essentially limited in size. It was necessary to install all equipment on the site including gas conditioning systems for F6.03 (GE) gas turbine plants. That is why it was decided to install gas conditioning point and booster compressor station in one quick-mounting building.


Liebherr gas engines for Russian power plants.

Liebherr-Russland Ltd. invited over 1500 customers to its repair and warehouse complex in Odintsovo, Moscow Region on 10th and 11th of July during the semi-final of 2018 World Cup. The event followed the motto «Liebherr plays in a team». During the exhibition, 23 products from various divisions were represented. New G9620 gas engine developed by Liebherr was presented at the event. The G9620 has been designed as a 20-cylinder V-engine. The model is equipped with built-in air filters, integrated control units with calibrated data sets as well as completely new water cooling design.


Integrally geared compressor system for Omsk Refinery developed by HMS Group.

Integrally geared compressor system of Aerocom series by Kazancompressor-mash (a part of HMS Group) was tested and put into commercial operation at the Omsk Refinery (Gazprom Neft-ONPZ) in November 2017. Integrally geared centrifugal compressor system Aerocom 1-13/8.1-9.4А is designed to compress nitrogen in the process line for purification of regeneration gases from chlorine. The system employs advanced technical solutions ensuring for high efficiency of the equipment corresponding to customer requirements. High-tech compressor equipment was supplied under the import substitution program implemented by Gazprom Neft for L-35/11-1000 catalytic reforming unit retrofit project. Unit retrofitting works are a part of the second stage of the large-scale Omsk Refinery modernization program and aimed at increasing the key performance indices of oil refining to the level of world industry leaders.


Low-emission annular combustion chamber for gas microturbines with increased efficiency.

The main problem during development of advanced gas turbine plants is the creation of low-emission combustion chambers which must have high operating characteristics together with low levels of hazardous substances emissions. Technical designers and engineers face the problem of optimal choice of the parameters of thermodynamic cycle in combination with strict ecological characteristics, terms of combustion chamber construction development, production costs, high reliability and availability. Optimal choice of combustion chamber scheme and its design development play the main role in this process. Annular combustion chamber of Capstone C200 microturbine is reverse flow combustion chamber which converts chemical power of gas fuel to thermal power of working body.


Energas Group of companies: future starts nowadays.

Energas Ltd., headquarters management enterprise of Energas Group of Companies is at present 11 years. During this period the company travelled the path from initial specialization in the sphere of compressor equipment to complicated projects of complex fuel gas treatment for any gas-using branch of industry. These projects are realized on the base of own and customized solutions for universal and individual applications. Now it is the group of companies which cooperate under single branding for developing of the plants, production, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of modular plants and systems of gas conditioning for oil & gas complex, power engineering, machine-building, chemical, construction and other branches of industry.


Total high-quality lubrication oils for gas engine power plants.

Present economic situation on the market forces end users of the equipment to reduce electrical power consumption. One of the ways of solving the problem of energy independence is the installation of own gas engine power plant. The calculationsmade by the specialists show that this way gives the opportunity to the enterprise to significantly reduce power consumption. The article presents the solution which provides the opportunity to reduce remained electrical power costs. Total offers up-to-date NATERIA MP-40 lubrication oil for gas engines. It is new generation low ash lubricant, specifically developed to extend oil drain interval, and to protect natural gas engines. It was developed for the most severe conditions such as fast engines, high temperatures and small oil sump capacity, etc. Application of NATERIA MP-40 gives the opportunity to significantly increase oil drain interval, lowering the number of engine stops and the operation costs. The specific additives give important antiwear and anticorrosion properties, with a limited ash level.


Power plants on the base of MAN gas engines are optimal solution for on-site power generation.

Soaring prices for electric power on the market induce companies to look forcheaper ways for power generation and supply. The most ultimate solution here is construction of gas engine power plants.

At present there are various gas engine power plants of different manufacturers on Russian market. However, it is very important not to be mistaken with the choice of the equipment for on-site power generation. MT-Group Ltd. offers power plants on the base of MAN gas engines from the manufacturers certified by MAN company (Germany). The article presents interview with Denis Klemin, commercial director of MT-Group in which he covers the advantages of power plants on the base of MAN gas engines hidden pitfalls when choosing the manufacturer of the equipment.


New Heinzmann high performance actuator family for diesel and gas engines.

Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG has been for decades an innovative and reliable supplier of control valves, controls and components for the engine and turbine industry. Heinzmann supplies a variety of engine manufacturers with integrated throttle - valves and controls for speed, torque, mixture and boost pressure. The actuators on the market have typically been developed for use in diesel engines for speed- and torque control. Due to increasingly challenging requirements for optimized actuators and actuators with integrated throttle bodies (ITB), it was decided to develop a fundamentally new generation of positioning devices. Together with various engine manufacturers, the requirements of future engine generations were discussed and laid down in specifications for development. In the following chapters the requirements, the development steps and the results of the new generation of Heinzmann actuators are presented.


Electrify Europe’ 2018

International Electrify Europe Conference and Exhibition, experienced a great number attendees across the three events over three days. This year’s event has seen a great number of exhibitors. The event provided a clear picture that the European power market is changing and it is changing fast.

The high number of attendees across all the events is a reflection of the industry’s eagerness to discover the latest developments in business, technology and policy at a moment of such rapid change for power generation. It’s an exciting time to be working in such an innovative industry and it has been great to see professionals from every sector of the power sector come together to discuss the challenges that they face and how they can work together to meet these.


15th International exhibition Oil and Gas / MIOGE 2018.

This year IEC Crocus Expo, Moscow, for the 15th time hosted the largest international exhibition of oil and gas equipment and technologies Oil and Gas / MIOGE. The organizer of this event was ITE Group of Companies, the leader of exhibition events arrangement in Russia.

For a quarter of a century exhibition Oil and Gas /MIOGE is an important work area for specialists of oil and gas industry, an effective tool for increasing sales volume and expanding sales geographies for oil and gas equipment. The exhibition is attended by more than 17 thousand specialists from all oil and gas producing regions of Russia and the CIS and more than 55 countries.

This year the total area of the exhibition covers 20,000 square meter, it is participated by 564 companies from 36 countries.Among attendees there are famous Russian and foreign manufacturers of oil and gas equipment and technologies: Gazprom, Tatneft, Intera, Mitsubishi Electric, UEC (United Engine Corporation), REP Holding, Schneider Electric and many others. The exhibition was also widely represented by key Chinese companies.