Multi-unit diesel power station is in operation on the site of Valunisty mine in Chukotka.

The station consists of five AD1000-Т6300-3RBK container diesel power plants each rated at 1000 kW. The plants were developed on the base of Cummins KTA50G3 diesel engines and Leroy Somer LSA 52.2 L45 electric generators. All power equipment for the station was supplied by TD Electroagregat (Novosibirsk). The plants can operate with section load division (3 MW and 2 MW respectively). Sections synchronization and load of 5 MW sharing is also possible. The station is equipped with stand-by plant rated at 100 kW. It was developed on the base of Cummins diesel engine and is used for providing auxiliary power in case of emergency. The station operates on the base mode.

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Tue, 10/09/2018
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