IN BRIEF #2-2018

Reliable power supply of Legends’ Park in Moscow.

Legends’ Park sport complex was constructed on the territory of former plant named after Likhachev. The first unit of power station on the site of the sports complex consists of two MWM TCG 2032V16 gas engine power plants each rated at 4.3 MW. The plants are equipped with waste-heat recovery systems. General contractor of the project is I-Teco group of companies. Power equipment is installed in separate building on the site of Legends’ Park sports complex. Central power distribution unit of the station is installed in accessory building. The second unit of the station consists of two similar gas engine power plants. Total electric output of the station is 17.2 MW, thermal power output is 28.26 Gcalh. It is equipped with two Vitomax 200-HW hot water boilers with output of 8 MW each.

25 years in Russian power engineering industry.

Quarter of a century ago Aviadvigatel discovered a new business area of creating gas turbine equipment for the power sector.On March 24, 1993, RAO Gazprom, GP Tumen-transgas and UEC-Avia-dvigatel JSC entered into a contract for developing and delivering the modular-type power gensets having the maximum capacity of 4.5 MW, with gas turbines derived from the D-30 aviation engine. As soon as in 1994, upgraded power plant PAES-2500M on the basis of Perm GTU-2.5P rated at 2.5 MW started its operation in Igrim settlement. Later on, Perm designers developed a line of gas turbine units on the basis of the D-30 and PS-90A engines: GTU-4P, GTU-6P, GTU-12PG-2, GTU-16PA and GTE-25PA, Ural series – EGES-12C, GTES-16PA, GTES-25P/PA.

Implementation of control system hardware and software package at Kurganskaya TETs power station.

Intertechelectro group of companies realizes complex investment projects in the sphere of power engineering under turn key contracts and acts as general contractor under the projects of modernization, reconstruction, maintenance overhaul of thermal and mechanical equipment on the sites of various power stations. Kurganskaya generating company under the project of Т-100/120-130-5 steam turbine generator maintenance overhaul made the decision about implementation of control system hardware and software package on the site of Kurganskaya TETs power station. The article presents the stages of control system hardware and software package creation and the main features of the project. The implementation of the system was connected with several problems. The main point was that the space of facility control desk was limited. That is why it was necessary to change whole concept of the system construction.

Energas: integrated fuel gas conditioning for autonomous power plants.

At present autonomous power plants give the opportunity to industrial enterprises to ensure power efficiency, production profitability and as a result high competitiveness of company production. Energas group of companies manufactures wide nomenclature of equipment for fuel gas conditioning for various power plants.

It includes unit gas conditioning stations, booster compressor stations and complex fuel gas treatment systems. At present 73 Energas units are in operation on the sites of gas fields and power stations.

The article presents some projects realized by Energas in the sphere of power center construction and technological equipment for fuel gas conditioning.

Total lubricating oils for gas engines.

Gas engines provide flexible and clean power using various types of gas. Engine performance depends on operating conditions, particularly on the origin of the gas and its properties. In the combustion chamber, the components of these gases and their reaction products cause nitration, corrosion and oxidation. These are responsible for conditions such as varnish build up, ring sticking and sludge formation, which decrease engine productivity, reduce engine life expectancy and ultimately increase costs. Total NATERIA lubricants are formulated to resist the most severe operating conditions and deliver a sustainable level of lubrication which guarantees to maintain engine performance. Total NATERIA MP 40 is premium gas engine oil specially developed to extend oil life and to improve the protection of your highly valued engine. ANAC is an in-depth diagnostics system for the follow-up of the behavior and depletion of the lubricant and the mechanical wear of industrial gas engines. It is recommended for follow-up of engines operating on natural gas, landfill gas, sewage gas or biogas.

15 MW diesel power station for backup power supply of mining and smelting enterprise in Uzbekistan.

Navoijskymining and smelting plantis the leading industrial enterprise in Republic of Uzbekistan. High technology production of the plant needs stable uninterruptible power supply. That is why it was decided to equip industrial complex with backup diesel power station rated at 15 MW. General contractor of the project is Tashelectroapparat, Ltd., general designer of the station is Uzgeotechliti design institute. The station consists of six Cat 3516Е diesel power plants each rated at 2480 kW.

The plants were developed on the base of Сat 3516Е diesel engine with 16 cylinders. Main power equipment of the station was supplied by Zeppelin Power Systems Russland LLC. The specific feature of the project is that the station was constructed in the area with high seismic activity and extreme continental climate with seasonal fluctuations of temperature from –20 °С till +45 °С. That is why the specialists of design institute use reinforced double foundation for diesel power plants.

The new modular MAN Common-Rail system for future HFO-applications.

The steady development of Diesel Engines in the scope of Marine and Power Engineering, focus on mainly two main targets – the simultaneous reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions at low life cycle costs. Many new engine concepts have been developed in order to achieve the high market and emission requirements. One indispensable feature of future Diesel engines is a high performance Injection System, which allows to control the mixture formation and the combustion process precisely, in order to achieve the high sophisticated consumption and emissiongoals. The article presents the main features of the new developed MAN CR 2.2 System and gives a precise description of all the efforts and optimizations made during the engineering work. Beginning with a detailed hydraulical simulation analysis of the systems main concept and the injector layout, the paper will show performance test bench results, like the injection rate and highlight the possibility of stable multiple injection events, which are needed to achieve further emission goals.