#3 (May-June) 2018

Turbines & Diesels #3-2017


#3 (May-June) 2018


  • New Siemens E-series gas engine.

  • The new concept of control system development on the base of interactive network.

  • MWM biogas power station on the site of agricultural enterprise in Loeberitz.

  • Russian world-class gas turbine units.

  • Wаrtsilа 31SG – the world's most efficient 4-stroke engine.

  • Siemens is localizing the production of 118 MW gas turbine in Russia.

  • New generation power station for green-house complex in Sverdlovskaya Region.

  • Energas fuel gas treatment equipment for power stations on the sites of gas fields.

  • HHM 12MV390 – heading the new Hudongmedium speed engine family.

  • Liquid-phase treatment of associated petroleum gas on the base of GazEcos technology.