IN BRIEF #5-2018

Reliable and effective power generation project realized by Siemens for Yamal LNG enterprise.

Siemens realized the project for manufacturing, delivery and commissioning of the equipment of gas turbine power station with total output of 376 MW. The construction of Yamal LNG plant is carried out by Novatek PJSC in cooperation with Total concern, China National Petroleum Corporation and Silk road fund. Yamal LNG is the unique project for the extraction, liquefaction and supply of natural gas. Main power equipment for the project was supplied by Siemens. Under the contract the company supplied eight SGT-800 gas turbine plants each rated at 47 MW, four compressors of boil off gas, 29 e-houses and 16 transformers.


Optimization of configurations and parameters of combined cycle power station on the base of medium sized gas turbine plants.

The article presents how climatic conditions of combined cycle power station site (traditional for Russian Federation), heat-and-power supply schedule, CCPP type (single-circuit, double-circuit, etc.) steam parameters influence to annual performance characteristics of power station operation. The effect of these factors to financial and economic indicators of power station operation is described in the article. Technical parameters of gas turbine power plants in contrast to steam turbine power plants considerably depend on ambient air parameters. In modern practice in Russia above-mentioned aspects are not taken into account at development of power stations on the base of gas turbine power plants. The majority of technical decisions are made based on the criterion of maximum thermal effectiveness.


Rosneft Turbogear lubricating oils: Siemens approval.

The new generation turbine lubricants, Rosneft Turbogear 32, Rosneft Turbogear 46, Rosneft Turbogear 32 EP and 46 EP received the official approval from the leading turbine manufacturer – Siemens. This grade of oils has no analogues in Russia and is comparable in quality to products of the highest world standards. Rosneft Turbogear turbine lubricants are intended for use in thermomechanical and hydromechanical equipment of thermal, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants.

The samples of the oil were sent to Siemens laboratory in Germany. They were successfully tested for the compliance with Siemens TLV 901304 and 901305 specifications. Rosneft Turbogear lubricating oils are produced on the base of basic oils manufactured according synthetical technology and specially selected ashless additive package which increase antioxygenic, anticorrosion and demulsifying properties.


Peculiarities of gas fuel combustion in gas turbine plants.

Low NOx emission levels of gas turbine plants can be achieved without SCR units in two ways: by application of wet combustion chambers with injection of water or steam and dry combustion chambers with micro-flare staged combustion of lean air-fuel mixture. The article presents the features of dry low-emission combustion chambers application. Diffusion flame can steadily burn in the fuel mixtures of various compositions. But the density of heat flow and flow speed stability are not high. These shortcomings are eliminated by means of special stabilization of combustion and mixing augmentation. At this combustion process moves from diffusion to kinetic zone and it is followed by the increasing of sensibility of the combustion to excess of air.


Algorithm for implementing of system functions in self-excitation voltage regulators and power system stabilizers.

Reliability and effectiveness of electric power system operation depends significantly on synchronous generators field control and in the first instance on the field control of subsystems of automatic excitation controllers which provide maximum level of dynamic stability and effective vibrations damping. With that in mind it was suggested to include home-produced controller into international standards under the name of PSS2RU.

Control algorithms implementation and their testing on the dynamic simulator for a synchronous generator excitation control system are presented in this paper.


Corporate service of Mitsubishi gas engine and diesel power plants.

Professional maintenance is the main requirement for trouble-free operation of any high-tech equipment. In view of this Intertechelectro is ready to support delivered equipment in operation at all life cycle stages. To solve the problems connected with maintenance of the equipment Intertechelectro created its own service department. All specialists have engineering education and underwent extensive training.


Electromagnetic wear of turbocompressor bearings at petrochemical enterprises.

Electromagnetic wear of turbocompressor bearings and driving engines caused by magnetization and parasitical crosstalk on output shaft are always challenging issue. The article presents the main specific features of damages, their evaluation criteria. Diagnostics methods of electromagnetic condition during repair period and over the operation of turbocompressors are described in the article. On compressors driving by synchronous electric motors with thyristor excitation system electroerrossion wear is possible at the output of 1…2 MW.


Energas Group of Companies: Long-term maintenance program.

Effectiveness and reliability of gas treatment and supply equipment operation depend significantly from high-quality maintenance during guarantee and postwarranty period. Service-technical division ServiceEnergas was created within the company in 2008. Resilient group of specialists and based in Moscow, Belgorod and Surgut. Service personnel has technical proficiency and unique experience of carrying-out of works at highly dangerous and technically challenging facilities.


Lubricating oil for gas engines.

TOTAL NATERIA MP 40 gas engine oil is new generation low ash lubricant, specifically developed to extend oil drain interval, and to protect natural gas engines. The spheres of NATERIA MP 40 oil is lubrication of engines in power generation plants, with or without cogeneration, when the manufacturer requires an oil ash content up to 0,5 %. The lubricant is developed for the most severe conditions: fast engines, high temperatures, small oil sump capacity. NATERIA MP 40 performances are recognized by all major manufacturers who tested it successfully in real conditions. Among them are MWM, MAN, Caterpillar, Deutz, MTU, Rolls-Royce, GE Jenbacher.


SGT5-2000E gas turbine plant rated at 187 MW for Capacity supply agreement-2.

ООО Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies is engaged in the sale, manufacturing, assembling, commissioning, maintenance and upgrading of SGT5-2000E gas turbine plants if Russia and CIS countries. SGT5-2000E gas turbine plant (former V94.2) was introduced to the market for the first time in 1981 and since that time was being continuously upgraded in regard to technical and economic performance. There are nine versions of SGT5-2000E gas turbine. At present more than 450 SGT5-2000E gas turbine plants were manufactured and supplied to the customers. SGT5-2000E core engine has a horizontally split casing and two silo-type combustion chambers, equipped with individually replaceable ceramic tiles.


Optimizing the South African power system with ultra-flexible LNG power plants.

This article seeks to unpack the relationship between the power system perspective and the LNG supply perspective. Using complex power system modeling software, we re-create the SA power system, based on inputs from the IRP2010, and analyses a range of scenarios which considers the impact of integrating a 3 GW gas power plant over the period 2020 – 2030. From the analysis, Wärtsilä learned that gas serves primarily two functions: 1) displace expensive diesel generation and 2) optimize the inflexible coal generation. It was also learned that significant variations in the annual gas plant load factor of between 20%-80% occurs depending on what the supply/demand status is.


Lukoil Efforce 4004 oil for gas engines: effectiveness confirmed by tests.

Lukoil Efforce 4004 low ash motor oil was successfully tested at many Russian power engineering enterprises and gave the opportunity to extend drain interval. Until quite recently only imported lubricating oils were used for the maintenance of gas engines. However, Lukoil presented Lukoil Efforce 4004 low ash motor oil to the market. The specialists appreciated the effectiveness of its application very quickly. Lukoil Efforce 4004 is intended for use in four-stroke air-breather and turbocharged engines with or without SCR and operated with natural gas, low-sulphur organic gas or lean gas.

It is also suitable for gas engines with pilot injection. Efforce 4004 oil was successfully tested on GE Jenbacher, Waukesha, Caterpillar and Cummins engines on the sites of Lukoil-Stavropolenergo, Lukoil-Rostovenergo, De-Kastrinskaya power station, etc. Efforce 4004 shows excellent anti wear properties as well as high oxidation and aging resistance.


International specialized exhibition RosGazExpo ’2018.

The XXII international specialized exhibition of natural gas industry and technologies for gas facility was held in in Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Complex, Saint Petersburg under VIII Saint Petersburg international gas forum. The business program of the exhibition included conferences, workshops and presentations and intended for professionals of gas industry. Purposes of the event are to demonstrate the newest projects, technologies and equipment for natural gas industry, to contribute to promotion of gas saving ideas and foreign investments attraction. The exhibition is the largest in the Northwest region specialized exhibition for natural gas industry. RosGazExpo exhibition was accompanied by the specialized exhibitions of heat-power engineering Boilers and Burners and the specialized exhibition Power saving and efficiency.


First plug-and-play solution for gas engine power plants.

Gas engine power plants market is rapidly developing over recent years. TEX Group and Motortech developed Plug-and-Play solutions together. Results of the development were named Standard and Econom. Each GenPack solution is developed on the base of the MAN gas engine, duble-bearing alternator Leroy-Somer / Marelli and TEX-E control system. GenPack concept is based upon Plug-and-Play principle. At that extra settings are not necessary and the engine can be started on an on-going basis.


Hatraco BV: 10 years of representative office in Russia.

Since 1985, Hatraco BV is European distributor and manufacturer of products and instrumentation for industrial engines. The company supplies components for stationary gas engines, diesel engines and gas turbines for the industry, marine, oil & gas and power generation in all sorts of applications like CHP, biogas, sewage treatment- and waste gas. Hatraco is a specialist in the field of advanced spark ignition systems and industrial spark plugs. Working out of company’s headquarters in Duiven (the Netherlands) and the office in Moscow, it keeps inventory, provides test and repair services and offers customized product configurations for special applications such as marine, mining and hazardous areas. With a wide range of engine parts and control systems, specialists of the company help customers to improve their engine-efficiency for a cleaner environment. In September Hatraco Russia celebrated it's 10th year in business. As a result of many years of proven experience the management of Hatraco have had a successful development of the daughter company in Russia.


Scientific and technical session devoted to gas turbines.

This year scientific and technical session of Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gas turbine issues was held on the site of REP Holding in Saint Petersburg.

The title of the event is Fundamental issues of modern gas turbine plants application in domestic economy: implementation and operation results and tasks for the future.

The organizers of the event are the Russian Academy of Sciences, commission for gas turbines, All-Russian Thermal Engineering institute, JSC. More than 200 specialists from power engineering and machine-building enterprises took part in the session.