Gas pumping units manufactured by KMPO JSC were commissioned on the site of Sharky Berdakh field.

Three GPA-16 Volga completed gas pumping units developed on the base of NK-16-18ST gas turbines are in operation on the site of booster compressor station situated at the territory of the station of complex gas treatment plant of the field in Ustyurtsky District. The units are equipped of two-pressure compressors KVD 203GTs2-175/25—78М12345 in the period of 2016-2023; KND 203GTs-73/29-78М123456 and 203GTs2-210/10-30М12345 in the period from 2023.

The project of booster compressor station construction was realized at the expense of Uzbekneftegas, Fund of reconstruction and development of Uzbekistan and other Uzbek banks. The field will be up and running at full capacity till 2021.

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Thu, 11/22/2018
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