Intertechelectro Group of companies commissioned diesel generator sets at Mayakovskaya and Talakhovskaya TPPs.

Kurgan plant of integrated solutions (part of the Intertechelectro Group of companies) manufactured and shipped two emergency diesel power plants (EDPP) for auxiliary power supply to Mayakovskaya and Talakhovskaya TPPs (the Kaliningrad region). The emergency diesel power plants were designed to supply power to auxiliary consumers during the TPP start-up when operating on diesel fuel in the absence of external power supply. Installed at Mayakovskaya and Talakhovskaya TPPs, the emergency diesel power plants with a capacity of 676 kW each, are equipped with Mitsubishi S6R2 PTAA2-S engines. The engines are installed in containerized units with the localization of a number of systems and auxiliary equipment.

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Thu, 12/20/2018
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