#1 (January-February) 2019

Turbines & Diesels #5-2018


    #1 (January-February ) 2019


  • Siemens industrial gas turbine plants maintenance and overhaul: all works are performed on the site.
  • Advancement of hightemperature turbine nozzle guide vanes cooling systems.
  • The New MTU Series 4000 with Advanced Technological Concepts for EU Stage IIIB, EPA Tier 4 and IMO 3 Emission Legislations. 
  • Low-emission burners for gas turbines with annular-type combustion chambers.
  • GTE-110: development and implementation of inlet scroll made from compound materials. 
  • Conserving ecology: conversion of refrigeration units to the operation with new generation cooling agents.
  • Reasonability of the investments to service staff training.
  • Golden lightnings were handed out in Moscow.