Power station on the base of Liebherr gas engine power plants and TM-Mash waste-heat recovery system operate in green-house complex.

ТММ-ТМ.550 and ТММ-ТМ.350 waste-heat recovery units started operation as a part of cogeneration power station in AgroSoyuz Standard green-house complex in North Ossetia. The station was developed on the base of KG-300SL and KG-500SL gas engine power plants. They were manufactured by Kama-Energetika on the base of Liebherr G 9508 and G 9512 gas engines and Stamford electric generators. Total electric output of the station is 900 kW, thermal output is 900 kW. All generated electric and thermal power is used for the needs of green-house complex infrastructure. The main fuel for the station is natural gas.

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Mon, 07/01/2019
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