#6 (November-December) 2019

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Turbines & Diesels #6-2019


    #6 (November-December) 2019



  • Grozny TPP – a state-of-the-art large gas turbine power plant.
  • New power station for NLMC-Ural is new achievement of MKS Group of Companies.
  • Energotechnika MME, LLC – 30 years of continuous development.
  • Smart exhaust gas treatment by catalytic technologies.
  • Power stations in metallurgical industry on the base of Siemens gas turbine technologies.
  • Tyumen power equipment plant was commissioned.
  • Service life of gas engine power plant: how it can be extended.
  • New approaches to upgrading of CHP plants and boiler houses.
  • Protection of exhaust gases heat-exchangers from corrosion and fouling.
  • Turbocharger solutions for new engine generations.
  • Heat & Power’ 2019 exhibition was held in Moscow.