#1 (January-February ) 2020

Turbines & Diesels #1-2020




  • Monitoring of power equipment lubricating oils.
  • Effectiveness of water and air cooling combination for heavy duty gas turbines.

  • Turbocharger solutions for new engine generations.
  • Service life of spark plugs: how can it be extended.
  • Fuel injection advance angle influence to technical and economic performance of 8DM-21/21 diesel engine.
  • Advanced technology for corrosion protection was brought to use at production facility in Slavyansk.
  • Gas engine market in Russia: a new stage of development.
  • Golden lightnings, the main awards in the sphere of distributed power generation were handed out in Moscow.
  • Flow meter of steam turbine vacuum system.
  • International conference and exhibition Power-Gen Europe ‘2019.