#4 (July-August) 2020


Turbines & Diesels #4-2020




  • Operation of SGT-600 DLE gas turbine with over 60 % H2 in natural gas.
  • Electric power supply control system for power stations on the base of gas engine power plants.
  • Refurbishment of hot gas path components in the Service Center of Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies.
  • Multifunctional gas treatment plants of Energas: experience of reliable operation.
  • Assesment of heat-exchanging units destruction factors.
  • Siemens service center in Krasnodar: dry gas seals repair.
  • Holistic approach for performance and emission development of high speed gas and dual fuel engines.
  • Power plants on the base of MAN engines for distributed power generation .
  • Gas engine plant fuel system: differences from diesel generator.