IN BRIEF #5-2020

Predictive diagnostics of CCPP equipment using digital solutions of Siemens Energy GmbH.
Predictive diagnostics systems give the opportunity to create the model of the equipment operation, optimize the model on the base of archival data corresponding to standard operating modes and then use it in real time operation for early warning about the equipment failure.
Application of this up-to
-date technology gives the opportunity to make transition from reactive and scheduling approach to proactive approach, i.e. fault recognition and emergency maintenance.
Analysis concept and fundamental principles laid
the foundation for Anomaly Monitor were developed by Siemens Energy group of experts for the specialists employed in the sphere of operation and maintenance of power plants. Critical factors of successful implementation of any digital solution are not only user-friendly interface but also scope of competence of product developers.


TOTAL NATERIA MX 40 advanced lubricating oil for gas engines.
NATERIA MX 40 is a new generation disruptive semi-synthetic low ash gas engine oil, specially designed to enhance detergency at high temperatures, to extend oil drain interval, to better protect natural gas fueled engines. NATERIA MX 40 is engineered to meet the harshest conditions in latest generation steel piston engines operating with higher temperatures, reduced oil consumption and higher brake mean effective pressure. NATERIA MX 40 could be used with acidic gases thanks to high initial TBN.


Gain in performance of gas turbine plants by means of cycle air cooling at the inlet of air filter unit.
The article presents the way of gas turbine plants efficiency and performance enhancement by means of cycle air cooling at the inlet of axial compressor. Gain in performance of gas turbine plant during the period of high ambient air temperatures gives the opportunity to generating companies to reduce the financial expenditures connected with electric power underproduction. The present article is concerned with the influence of main parameters of ambient air to gas turbine plants performance. The authors analyzed the actuality of cycle air cooling for gas turbine plants and combined cycle power stations.
Careful consideration is
also given to the main principles of cycle air cooling. The article presents also the review of the most widespread cycle air cooling systems and their benchmarking study. All advantages and challenges of each system were distinguished by the authors.


Power plant on the base of Liebherr gas engine was commissioned in Ural region.
Power plants was commissioned on the site of Korkinsky brick-making plant in Korkino, Chelyabinskaya Region.
The plant was developed on
the base of Liebherr G9620 gas engine rated at 1060 kW. The realization of this investment project gave the opportunity to the enterprise to save power resources considerably.
Autonomous power plant
operates in cogeneration cycle on the base mode without synchronization with the main power grid. It generates electric power for the needs of the enterprise.


Energas Group of Companies: keep on going to new achievements.
In September this year the company celebrated 13th anniversary of its professional activity. Corporate team of Energas makes steady progress in further enhancement of engineering skills and builds up the experience which is necessary for realization of gas conditioning and gas supply projects.
Practically all of company employees are licentiates in technical sphere.
The company realized
many different projects and supplied great number of compressor and multi-functional plants for complex conditioning of gases with various contents and types.
Each Energas project
is individual and has features connected with operational conditions and special customer requirements.


Comprehensive solutions for automation of gas engines.
TEX Group of Companies in cooperation with MOTORTECH GmbH, the leading manufacturer of electronic components for gas engine power plants, unveiled the complete set of comprehensive solutions for automation of gas engine power plants. Four complete sets include all necessary components systems and units for providing reliable operation of gas engines as a part of power plant or in the capacity of compressor drive.
All solutions were developed on the base of plug
-and-play concept.
It means that it is not necessary to use additional


Augsburg sewage treatment plant uses three MWM gas engines to produce power from wastewater.
In 2008 and 2011, two MWM gas engines—a TCG 2020 V16 and a TCG 2020 V12—had already been installed in the Augsburg sewage treatment plant. Since then, these two gensets had been used for the standard operation for four to five thousand hours a year.
Another older MWM
engine served as fallback.
Thus, the sewage treatment plant had already
achieved heat and power independence, and a power surplus of about 20 percent could be produced every year. At the end of 2017, the third gas engine, too, was replaced with an MWM TCG 2020 V12, bringing the plant's total electrical efficiency to more than 40 percent.


Thermoflow heat-exchanging equipment in Slavyansk-On-Kuban.
Thermoflow company, Russian manufacturer of heat-exchanging equipment, has great experience in this sphere. Equipment nomenclature manufactured by the company is rather extensive. All equipment is developed on the base of thermal and hydrodynamic calculations. All units under production are tested for compliance to stated requirements. The main positions in equipment nomenclature of the company are: air-cooling systems, condensers, dry coolers, wet-cooling towers, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers, etc.
The most popular
equipment on the market is air-cooling systems and condensers.
The parameters of the
equipment can vary depending on the type of adiabatic cooling.
There are three types of the
cooling process: direct watering, grid watering and watering to special cellulose-fiber PAD.
It is possible to achieve
maximum saturation by using watering to special cellulose-fiber PAD.


The session of Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gas turbines.
67th scientific-technical session devoted to gas turbine application matters was held in Saint-Petersburg on 15th-16th of September.
This year the organizer of
the session is Power Machines. A lot of leading specialists in the sphere of gas turbines took part in the conference. Among them are mr. Olkhovsky, chairman of the Commission of gas turbines, mr. Mikhailov, general director of Central Boilers and Turbines institute, representatives of CIAM, Teploelectroproject and Uralsky federal university and other specialists from the sphere. The reports presented at the conference were devoted to the questions of gas turbines development, implementation and operation of gas turbines and also of scientific and technical challenges of the development and applucation of gas turbine and combined cycle technologies. The organiser of the conference, Power Machines, in September 2018 started the program of new gas turbines development. It was decided to present two gas turbines GTE-65 and GTE- 170 to the market. During the discussions different schemes of gas turbine plants, available technologies for optimization of development and operation of gas turbines and wide application of digital technologies were considered.