Sajury green-house complex in Yakutiya increases output capacity.

Under the development program four new green-houses with total area of 0.8 hectares were constructed on the territory of the complex. Electric and thermal power supply of green-houses complex is provided by modular MWM TCG2020V20 gas engine power plant rated at 2000 kW. The power plant is equipped with the system of exhaust gases waste heat utilization for thermal power supply of green-houses. Thermal output of waste heat utilization system is 970 kW. The system was developed on the base of TMM-TMVG.970 thermal unit equipped with TMM-KG.2000 silencer. The system was installed on the roof of power plant module. Sajury green-house complex is the most advanced agricultural enterprise created in North region with severe climatic conditions.

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Thu, 12/10/2020
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