Diesel power station manufactured by TSS will provide emergency power supply to the business center in Krasnogorsk.

Two TSS Premium TMs 2310MC CG container diesel power plants are installed on the site of Two Captains business center, which is intended for the needs of the Moscow Regional Duma. Specialists of the TSS engineering center suggested using power units with a maximum capacity of 2250 kW each based on S16R-F1PTAW2 engines as part of the backup diesel power station. The engine has a relatively compact size for its power range, which allows to install the power unit in a container. In the design of the diesel power plant, a synchronous generator Mecc Alte is used, which provides the generation of a three-phase electric current with a voltage of 400 V with high stability of characteristics. 

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Tue, 03/16/2021
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