IN BRIEF #2-2021

On-site power generation at the enterprise: efficiency, reliability and cost reduction.
In their production activities enterprises always try to maximize the mobilization of available resources and minimize costs. The cost of electricity and heat for many industrial enterprises is now one of the significant cost items in the context of a constant increase of energy tariffs.
One of the most effective options for solving this problem is the transition from centralized power supply to its own source of generation. Kazan motor-building production association has built gas turbine power station on the site of the enterprise. The construction of gas turbine power station is one of the stages of the implementation of the program to increase the energy efficiency of the enterprise and to creat efficient and reliable energy complex.

How to ensure energy supply without capital expenditures.
Aggreko specializes in the development and delivery of complete solutions in the sphere of energy supply.
All equipment is designed and assembled in company’s own production facility in Scotland. Temporary power supply is the main specialization of the company, but rent is not its only offer. In Russia Aggreko offers two solutions that allow customers to avoid capital costs and direct money to the core business, rather than invest in energy supply. The first offer is a guaranteed discount on the enterprise network tariff which can reach 10 %. Aggreko LLC fully assumes all stages of work on the project.
As a result the customer receives an independent energy complex, covering the peak load at the expense of a single network. The second option is rental solutions.

Сombustion of methane-hydrogen gases in gas turbine plants.
The characteristics of hydrogen-containing gases depend on the hydrogen content in the fuel gas. The identification of these dependencies is necessary to determine the parameters of fuel gas treatment units for gas turbine power plants. The use of hydrogen as a fuel gas is becoming a hot topic. This is primarily due to the fact that when burning hydrogen no carbon dioxide is released, but only water vapor is formed.
It is important herewith to determine the possibility of burning hydrogen-containing mixtures in gas turbines equipped with standard combustion chambers designed for burning of natural gas. For each gas turbine plant there is an acceptable range of changes in the combustion heat and the Wobbe number of the fuel gas. The mass heat of combustion of hydrogen-containing gases can be reduced by mixing nitrogen with the fuel gas.

Spetsenergogaz company: 9 years from the date of its foundation.
Spetsenergogaz, LLC. was established in 2012 as an enterprise specializing in the sphere of services for the commissioning of gas pumping units at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex of Russia.
Currently Spetsenergogaz LLC has turned from a young, dynamically developing enterprise into an effectively functioning company, one of the leaders of the domestic market and focused on providinf a full range of construction and installation works, and commissioning of high-tech equipment at the sites of the customers. The main principles of the company’s work are professionalism and quality assurance of the work performed, which have created its reputation as a reliable and stable partner.

Anti-icing systems with autonomous heating air generation for inlet air filter unit of gas turbine plants and CCPP.
When using an anti-icing system with air extraction from the gas turbine compressor and anti-icing system with the heating of the cycle air by means of network water of the hot water supply system, additional operating costs arise. In anti-icing system with an autonomous heating air generator heating is provided by electricity or with the use of thermal power from combustion of organic fuel which reduces the operating costs of its operation. The article describes the experience of designing, manufacturing and commissioning of such a system based on serial industrial fan heaters for the SGT-100-1S of the Siemens company. The author presents additional operating costs that arise when using anti-icing system with air extraction from the compressor or with heating of the cycle air with the heat of the network hot water supply.

Integrated fuel treatment for gas turbine power plants at the Vostochnaya CHPP.
It is difficult to overestimate the importance of gas quality and uninterrupted fuel supply at power plants equipped with modern gas turbines, gas engines or combined cycle power stations. Complex treatment of gas fuel is a prerequisite for efficient and reliable operation of generating equipment. The power station based on gas turbine power plants, built in Vladivostok by RusHydro, has been put into operation on September 10, 2018.
Vostochnaya gas turbine power station is the first large-scale energy facility built in the capital of Primorsky Area during the last 48 years.

Ural-4000 gas turbine power plants for Energy of Parma project.
In August 2020 gas turbine power plant was built in the Perm Region as a part of the integrated Energy of Parma program. This is a mega-project of Lukoil which is being implemented under a special investment contract with the Administration of Perm Area. The project includes the collection, transportation and treatment of associated petroleum gas, production, distribution and consumption of electric power. Generated electric power is used for technological needs of different production units of the oil company, and is also supplied to residents and industrial enterprises of the region.

Dynamic UPS systems for the petrochemical industry.
At present, due to the constant complication of production equipment at technological plants of oil and gas processing and petrochemical facilities, the need for continuous power supply is increasing. Despite the possible abrupt nature of the load behavior (overruns and drops up to 100 %) the operating voltage must be maintained within the specified limits, usually not exceeding +/–10 % of the Unom.
Any interruption or failure of the voltage below the permissible level, even by 0.01 seconds, is due to the fact that the production can be stopped for 24 hours (or more) to rerun according to the required algorithm. Traditional uninterruptible power supply sources and diesel generators do not fully solve this problem, and additional equipment is also required: coolers, batteries, harmonic filters, reactive power compensators, ballast load resistances with a control system for switching them on/off, a fire extinguishing system.

Assessment tests of the 6DM-185 diesel engine for operation as a part of the power plant.
The development of a new-generation six-cylinder diesel engine of all modifications based on the newly created DM185 engine line began at the Ural Diesel Engine Plant in 2015. The article provides a brief description of the design of the diesel engine 6DM-185 for operation in power plants, the scheme of the boost system are shown, the design of the exhaust manifold are shown.