#1 (January-February) 2023

Turbines & Diesels #1-2023



  • Prospects for the development of T32 gas turbine plant as part of GPA-32 Ladoga gas pumping unit.

  • Power generation management in isolated power systems of oil and gas fields.

  • TAIF Rave RAO synthetic turbine oil: replacement of imported lubricants for LNG equipment.

  • Modular gas pumping units manufactured by INGC.

  • Investigation of physico-chemical processes in a hydrodynamic cavitator.

  • Perm turbines energy for Lukoil-Komi LLC.

  • Scientific substantiation and development of the modular principle of steam turbine plant creation.

  • Marine gas turbine power plant.

  • Features of hydrogen-containing natural gases transportation through existing gas pipelines.