Anonce, №6 (September) 2009

Kolomenskoye gas turbine power plant – the advantages of cogeneration at work.

Kolomenskoye gas turbine power plant was commissioned at the end of May 2009. The customer and general contractor for the project is NaftaSibEnergiya Ltd. (investor – NaftaSib Group).

In the course of project execution operational scheme excepting factoring companies’ participation was implemented. It features direct cooperation between the customer, contractors and the suppliers of the power equipment. As a result project costs and implementation period were reduced two times if compared with similar power plants.

The application of external combustion chamber for gas engines.

Internal combustion engines in traditional design are mainly at the end of resources to im-prove the efficiency. Though it can be reached by applying external valve combustion chamber characterized by constant volume, at the same time providing multifuel operation. In this case com-pression and expansion occur in different cylinders. It helps to increase combustion pressure and provide more expansion volume. As a result the efficiency of the engine can be significantly in-creased.

ADS JSC (Zavolzhye, Nizhny Novgorod region) developed automobile test engine equipped with such a combustion chamber, providing multifuel operation and increased efficiency.

Casing-head gas fuel for power generation at DNS-8 booster pump station of Yamashneft oil-and-gas production department.

Yamashneft oil-and-gas production department (Tatneft JSC) has been working at the improvement of oil gathering, transportation and treatment system for the last several years. Experimental site for testing of new techniques is located at Arkhangelsk oil field.

Four group metering pump stations installed at the site are equipped with multiphase screw pumps for joint transportation of both oil and casing-head gas. It made possible to collect all casing-head gas recovered at Arkhangelsk field at two places: DNS-8 booster pump station and GZNU-4304 group metering pump station.

At the end of 2008 AGP-200 gas engine power plant with the capacity of 200 kW by Russian manufacturer was commissioned at DNS-8. The power plant is designed for operation on casing-head gas without primary purification of hydrogen sulphide. 525 thousand m3 of gas is utilized per year, which comprises a significant part of the total number of the casing-head gas flared at the field.

Modular packaged power plants on the base of 100 kW microturbine power units.

Elektrogaz JSC developed and manufactured modular packaged power plant for main gas pipeline customers. The power unit is designed on the base of two Calnetix TA-100R microturbine power units rated at 100 kW each.

The power plant is characterized by two adjacent heat-insulated blocks – microturbine unit and electric block. Each power unit can be run as either main or stand-by power source.

Each unit is equipped with heating and ventilation system providing automatic control of temperature given, and routine, emergency and repair lighting.

Gas-supply system provides microturbine power units with natural gas of the required quality. The operation on casing-head gas and biofuel is also possible.

Made in Russia by German Brand. Interview with Eberhard Gritzner, general director of Eagle Burgmann Ltd.

Eagle Burgmann Ltd. has been working at Russian market since 2006. At the very beginning the company had a small team and an office in Zavolzhye, Nizhny Novgorod region. Today Eagle Burgmann Ltd. has the head office and production and service facility in Zavolzhye and offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the total number of staff more than 30 employees.

The company profile for 5 years to come is production development. The company began with the production of components and repair details for Burgmann mechanical seals and control boards for dry gas-dynamic seals. Nowadays the company manufactures seal faces themselves, for example standard ones adapted for Russian centrifugal pumps.

As a result, in 2008 DiamondFaces® seal face with the latest diamond coating of friction couples was introduced. This year the company developed innovational mechanical seal type CobaSeal lubricated with oil and characterized by high resistant DM-Tin coating which can be widely used.

Modernization of turbine diffusion systems.

Along with increasing of turbines output, the requirements to economy and reliability of their components become stricter. It is because that very considerable losses оf power, generated by vertical structures inside the channels, usually occur in diffusers and sockets. And so, there are essential opportunities for the efficiency increasing. By means of analytical calculations it was determined that power losses at the output of low pressure cylinder of K-300-240 steam turbine come to 10-15 MW.

The article presents the problems of the upgrading of conic diffuser using in control valves and in other components of steam turbines, steam and water ejectors of power plants, and also in annular curvilinear diffusers, using in axial turbines for stream braking behind last stages of turbines.

Modular portable power plants from Kolomna.

The article illustrates the basic test results of pilot EGD-1000 power plant manufactured by Enkol Ltd. representing ED-1000 series.

The testing was held at a special site at Kolomensky Zavod JSC providing power plant con-nection to 6300 V network with the possibility to operate either on diesel fuel or in dual-fuel mode (diesel and gas fuel).

EGD-1000 testing was run in several stages: factory and inspection tests of 7GDG diesel gas generator and then power plant adjustment and acceptance testing.

Russian Academy of Sciences LVI scientific and engineering conference on gas turbine problems.

This year Russian Academy of Sciences gas turbine conference was held in Perm organized by Aviadvigatel JSC. Specialists from Russia and Ukraine came here to discuss the problems, exchange their experience on the latest developments in the sphere.

The reports presented cover different questions of gas turbine power units development, operational modes, installation and commissioning of different types of power plants and gas turbine power units as mechanical drive – gas compressor units. One should note a great number of young specialists from the leading companies-manufacturers of gas turbine power units and design institutes reading papers devoted to different gas turbine research trends. Much attention was paid to reduction of NOx and CO emissions, various solutions were discussed.

One of the topics was devoted to the question of high capacity gas turbine power units development by Russian manufacturers.