Anonce, №1 (January-February) 2009

CHP plant on crude oil operating in Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The delivery of diesel fuel to the northern and western regions always involves high expenses. The use of the local energy resources and the application of up-to-date technologies for regular provision of residential settlements with electric and thermal power and the use of mineral product allow decreasing significantly energy prime cost without damage to the ecological situation.

Advances in engine technology as a part of the Advanced Reciprocating Engine System (ARES) program at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

The primary task of the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Reciprocating Engine System program is the development of advanced natural gas engine technology with improved efficiency, low emissions and optimal operational costs. ORNL is working on multiple projects within the ARES program that fall within three general areas: ignition, controls and emissions reduction.

ORNL is also investigating adaptive control techniques and the feasibility of using lean NOx trap catalyst technology to reduce the NOx emissions. This includes assessing if natural gas can be used as the reductant for regeneration of lean NOx trap catalysts.

Continued enhancement of SGT-600 gas turbine design and maintenance.

In order to meet growing requirements on the gas turbines, power equipment manufacturers should sustain product improvement and employment of innovative technologies in the area of design, operation and maintenance. This paper describes the successful development of SGT-600 Siemens’ medium size gas turbine and the latest achievements in maintenance and life cycle improvements. High reliability and availability of SGT-600 gas turbine were enabled by further improvements and modification of the combustor, compressor turbine, power turbine diffuser and control system.

Kolomna’s transportable modular power plants.

In 2007 the specialists of Konver Ltd in collaboration with Kolomensky Zavod, JSC developed series of transportable modular multi-fuel power plants ED-1000 on the base of D49 engines. The power plants are available in 16 variations of the same capacity but of different output voltage (6.3 and 10.5 kV), different level of automation and operating on different types of fuel. The power plants operate on the following fuel types: diesel fuel; gas and diesel fuel; crude oil; gas and crude oil. The power plants can be used for power equipment uprating, replacement and for standby service.

Experiences with Wood Particles as Regenerative Fuel for Directly Fired Gas Turbines of the Small Power Range.

The utilization of regenerative solid fuels like wood for the simultaneous production of heat and electricity is done nowadays mostly by the means of steam power plants. The directly fired gas turbine plant with relatively low capital costs can be considered as alternative to heat-and-power stations on the basis of steam processes. A reduction of capital costs and an increase of plant reliability are supposed to be achieved by the usage of widely used and well-proven components.

Since a full burn-out of solid fuels takes more time than that of gaseous or liquid fuels, a pressurized combustion chamber capable for the combustion of wood fuels has to be developed.  Beside of the concept of the directly wood particle fired gas turbine, experimental results of the gas turbine plant of the Institute are presented. To achieve a technically complete burn-out of wood fuels and to avoid a formation of nitrogen oxides the combustion of wood fuels is done by a two-stage concept.

The choice of UPS configuration during design stage of uninterruptible power supply systems.

The article is devoted to the choice of UPS configuration providing stable coordinated operation together with stand-by generator of given capacity as a part of one isolated utility. The article illustrates combined operation of diesel generating set and UPS rectifiers under steady-state conditions. The method is based on the determination of generator output voltage distortion at known spectrum of UPS rectifier input current. The method is of practical value and is widely applied by Abitech Ltd. and its partners during design stage of uninterruptible power supply systems.


“Biodiesel – 2008” International Congress.

The Third International Congress “Biodiesel – 2008” held on 26-27 of November 2008 in the World Trade Center, Moscow. The main theme of the forum is second-generation biofuel from non-food raw materials. The forum was organized by Russian National Biofuel Association.

At present biofuel is the alternative to the traditional power sources. Gradually a new type of fuel undergoes changes on the power market and the demand for this type of fuel is steadily increasing.

Bioenergy development potential in different countries was analyzed. The main reason why the attention was turned from first-generation food crop biofuel is the world food crisis and low power generating efficiency of this kind of fuel.

In Russia the experts from different government agencies and representatives from scientific institutions tend towards second-generation biofuel.