Anonce, №7 (October) 2009

200 MW power complex: reliability, efficiency and user-friendly operation.

The construction of 200 MW CHP plant at Pavshinskaya floodplain (Moscow region, Krasnogorsky district) will be finished this year. The power complex will include gas boiler house and the power plant on the base of gas and diesel engines. CHP plant will provide electric and thermal power for the district and ski complex. Under the project Dominanta-Energy JSC fulfilled design works, the supply of the power equipment and supervision.
The power plant is based on six Cummins 1379G QMA power units rated at 1370 kW each (Great Britain). Five Omnibloc DWH-S hot water boilers rated at 38 MW each manufactured by German company Omnikal are characterized by dual-fuel operation in automatic mode and are equipped with GKP-2000ME burners by Oilon Oy, Finland.
Up-to-date water demineralization equipment (Finland) will help to increase the life time of the power equipment and to decrease repair expenses. The power units equipped with automatic control system by Thomson Technology (Canada) are run in parallel with the power grid.

Combined cycle power unit will be built at Permskaya TETs-6, by Soyuz Power Development Corporation OJSC.

120 MW combined cycle power unit is being built by order of TGK-9 JSC. This is one of КES-Holding JSC priority investment projects. This is the first contract for turn-key construction of new power facilities in Russia since the beginning of the crisis.
A new power unit will be designed on the base of the latest technologies and modern power equipment.

Chandler Logistics supplied gas turbine power units 279 ton each for Surgutskaya GRES-2, CHP plant.

Chandler delivered power equipment with the total weight of more than 15 000 tons from 15 countries for the construction of Surgutskaya GRES-2. For the purpose sea vessels, river craft and unique handling facilities were used. Due to the increase of electricity demand two more PGU-400 power units are being built.
GE PG9351FA gas turbine power units 270 MW each will be installed at the site.

Features of gas-liquid engines feed system.

Kolomna Plant, JSC specializes in the production of D49 (ChN26/26) four-stroke diesel engines rated at 500-4400 kW with turbo-charging. D49 diesel engines are not inferior to its foreign analogs in such critical parameters as life time, safety, fuel and oil consumption and ecological reliability (emission, noise and vibration level).
Original control systems for multi-fuel gas engine operation are developed at the plant. Such control systems improve engine dynamic behavior, reduce knocking and as a result reduce requirements for the quality of gas fuel used.

Trigeneration power plant in Gatchina, Leningrad region, provides steady development of the industrial enterprise.

The project of the power centre on the base of gas engine power plant equipped with waste-heat recovery system for plastics works in Gatchina was developed by NeuHaus Group Ltd. and Energoprommontazh JSC. The power plant meets all the requirements of the enterprise generating 2000 kW of electric power, 1100 kW of thermal power and 844 kW of cold.
Hot water is used for industrial needs and central heating, cold water – for cooling of automatic molding machines producing press molds. The power plant operates in parallel with the local power grid. The fuel used is natural gas.

Gas engine thermal power plant in Belokurikha resort town: distributed power generation to help the centralized one.

Thermal power plant built by Innovation JSC (Rusinvestcentre) on the base of Caterpillar power units was planned for the support of the power grid in Altai territory. The construction of the power plant became urgent as Altai territory got into the area of possible energy supply shutdowns as a result of the accident at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station. Now Belokurikha resort town is provided with its own power source. This is considered to be one of successful power projects based on both state and private capital.
The power centre was designed by SibCOTES JSC engineering company. The delivery of the power equipment and technical support was fulfilled by Vostochnaya Technica LLC.

How to build up-to-date power centre with guaranteed payback – an interview with Frantisek Drocar, general director of Elteco Global JSC.

Slovac company ELTECO a.s. was founded in 1991 on the base of scientific and research institute and is devoted to power equipment manufacture and power projects realization. ELTECO power units are designed on the base of the engines by only two manufacturers: Perkins – rated up to 1 MW, and MWM – up to 4 MW. The fact that the company applies engines by a limited number of manufacturers gives evidence of a great number of spare parts available and excellent service by highly qualified specialists in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa and Yaroslavl. In support of the fact, ELTECO provides strict warranty and service requirements.

MEGATECH-2009 Conference.First international conference.

MEGATECH took place  25 September оn information center «InfoSpaсe» (Moscow, Russia). Mega Technologies LLC was the organizer of the conference. The event was devoted to the questions of diagnostics in energy field, nondestructing testing, materials testing, mobile laboratories and complex inspection systems. The conference was accompanied by exhibition where new technology developments for industrial diagnostics and quality testing were demonstrated. The main conference themes:
· Diagnostic equipment producers
· Nondestructive testing equipment
· Material testing equipment
· Industrial testing in energy
· Mobile diagnostic systems
· Standards and certification in industrial testing field
· Industrial software producers
· Professional training centres
· Consulting and finance companies.

GasSUF '2009.

The 7th International specialized exhibition of equipment and technologies for gas supply and effective use of gas was held in Moscow in Crocus Expo exhibition centre on 13-15 October.
Organizers are MVK International Exhibition Company, Gazprom JSC, VNIIGAZ, Gazprom Promgaz JSC and Russian National Gas Vehicle Association.
About 80 companies from Russia, Austria, Belurussia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine took part in the exhibition. The main event in the exhibition business program was Gazprom JSC coordination meeting devoted to serial production of motor vehicles run on natural gas.