IN BRIEF #5-2017

•    Gas engine power station in Tazovsky settlement on Yamal peninsula.
New gas engine power station was commissioned in Tazovsky settlement. Total electric power of the station is 12 MW. The project was realized under investment program of Yamalkommunenergo JSC which is the largest utility company in Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Area. General contractor for the project is Intertechelectro Group of Companies. The station consists of eight ITE1500 gas engine plants each rated at 1500 kW. They were manufactured by Kurgan plant of integrated solutions Ltd. The plants were developed on the base of Mitsubishi GSI6R2 PTK gas engines. They are equipped with Leroy-Somer LSA 52.3 electric generators. Main fuel for the station is natural gas.
•    Decrease of load technological minimum of CCPP equipped with three-level pressure HRSGs.
The article presents the consideration of the ways for increasing of start/stop characteristics of combined cycle power plants equipped with three-level pressure. The factors limiting CCPP loads adjustment range were determined and analyzed by calculated-experimental approach. The methods of decreasing of load technological minimum of CCPP by means of considerable airflow regulation with the help of compressor inlet guide vanes and its preheating are presented in the article. On the base of experimental parameters simulation model of PGU-420 CCPP was created. It gives the opportunity to examine its operational modes, parameters and characteristics, their variation depending of load and ambient temperature.
•    MAN Diesel & Turbo SE’s Medium Speed Gas Engine Portfolio – a Modular Matrix Design.
MDT's growing engine portfolio is based on a modular matrix design utilizing a maximum on communalities within the portfolio. This paper shows the modular matrix design or family approach on the base engines, the combustions specific components and the turbo-charging concepts. Special focus is on the latest two-stage turbocharged gas engines V35/44G TS and V51/60G TS in the 7.6 to 20.7 MW class which consequently continue the path taken with the single-stage turbocharged engines. These medium speed engines achieve benchmark power density and efficiency in their power segment.
•    Energas: compressors are ready for full-scale operation.
During 10 years of work in the sphere of technological equipment for fuel gas conditioning Energas positioned itself as highly professional engineering corporation. Now it is the group of companies which cooperate under single branding for developing of the plants, production, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of modular plants and systems of gas conditioning for oil & gas complex, power engineering, machine-building, chemical and construction. Thorough knowledge and engineering responsibility for the quality of works became in the past years the main principle and standards for all personnel of the companies.
•    The heat treatment effect on structure and properties of VIN5 intermetallic nickel alloy.
At present the requirements to gas turbine engines became more severe. Traditionally heavy-duty parts of gas turbines, blades and vanes, for example, are manufactured using directed crystallization and single-crystal casting methods from ZNS high-temperature nickel alloy and VKNA intermetallic nickel alloys. Today there is an alternative to the traditional technologies. Additive technologies are developing very actively because they give the opportunity to produce components practically of any degree of complexity and reduce terms of development and manufacturing due to the lack of stage of production preparing. The development of additive technologies in domestic aircraft industry is one of the most important directions of materials and technologies elaboration strategy for the nearest couple dozen of years. The most interesting from the production of blade from metallic high-temperature powder point of view is selective laser melting (SLM) technology.
•    ANAC – the program for lubricating oil monitoring.
Total ANAC is an oil monitoring system for industrial oils used in all applications, from hydraulic oils to compressors and turbines or metalworking fluids. ANAC uses modern equipment and the highest standards in terms of ISO specifications and laboratory testing. Moreover, with more than 3 decades of existence, ANAC service will make the client benefitting from its large data base of oils tested while used in same equipment and of experts giving advice on the oil quality and performance. ANAC Indus allows the client to monitor the evolutions in the state of the oil, assess the operating conditions of the machine, and reduce the maintenance costs. Besides, ANA С Indus is a part of preventive maintenance while helping the client to reduce the production stoppages, optimize the oil drain frequencies, and control that the lubricant used is the best suited to the operating conditions. With the help of Total experts, oil analyses will allow the client identifying some pollutants origins and anticipating major failure.
•    Online CHP plant maintenance with VPN router.
One building block in MWM's modern, comprehensive service concept is remote access to the plant control systems of cogen power plants via internet. This type of remote maintenance and diagnostics is not entirely new, yet it has undergone a significant technical evolution over the past few years. The customer uses a software application to log on to the plant control systems per IP modem via the internet.
•    CHP plants for woodworking enterprises on the base of biomass: advantages and operation experience.
Turboden designs, develops and maintains turbogenerators based on the Organic Rankine Cycle, a technology for the combined generation of electric power and heat from various renewable sources, particularly suitable for distributed generation. The industrial growth of Turboden was fueled by its penetration into the untapped market segment of medium-small wood-based CHP power plants employed in the wood processing industry and in small district heating networks. In these segments Turboden's ORC technology offered the advantages of a completely automatic system.
•    Lukoil Efforce 4004 oil for gas engines: effectiveness confirmed by tests.
Lukoil Efjorce 4004 low ash motor oil was successfully tested at many Russian power engineering enterprises and gave the opportunity to extend drain interval not less than by 1.3 times. Until quite recently only imported lubricating oils were used for the maintenance of gas engines. However, Lukoil presented Lukoil Ejforce 4004 low ash motor oil to the market. The specialists appreciated the effectiveness of its application very quickly. Lukoil Efjorce 4004 is intended for use in four-stroke air-breather and turbocharged engines with or without SCR and operated with natural gas, low-sulphur organic gas or lean gas. It is also suitable for gas engines with pilot injection.
•    Scientific and technical session devoted to gas turbines.
This year scientific and technical session of Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gas turbine issues was held on the site of Kazansky state power university which in 2018 will celebrate its 50th jubilee. The title of the event is Fundamental issues of modern gas turbine plants application in domestic economy: implementation and operation results and tasks for the future. The organizers of the event are the Russian Academy of Sciences, commission for gas turbines, All-Russian Thermal Engineering institute, JSC. More than 100 specialists from power engineering and machine-building enterprises took part in the session. Traditionally in Russia gas turbine plants are applied for gas transportation and for power generation on power stations of various cycles.
•    XXI international specialized exhibition RosGazExpo ‘2017.
The XXI international specialized exhibition of natural gas industry and technologies for gas facility was held in Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Complex, Saint Petersburg. The business program of the exhibition included conferences, workshops and presentations and intended for professionals of gas industry. Purposes of the event are to demonstrate the newest projects, technologies and equipment for natural gas industry, to contribute to promotion of gas saving ideas and foreign investments attraction. The exhibition is the largest in the Northwest region specialized exhibition for natural gas industry. RosGazExpo exhibition was accompanied by Boilers and Burners and the specialized exhibition Power saving and efficiency exhibitions.