IN BRIEF #6-2018

Future-Proofing Energy Storage.

Energy storage has reached a turning point as a mainstream grid-reliability resource. The United States achieved another year of record deployments in 2016, and forecasts show continued rapid expansion of the energy storage industry. At the same time, the investment case for storage is still difficult due to risks of limited technology track record and business cases that rely on uncertain revenues. Due to rapidly changing grid dynamics and the long life required of storage assets, energy storage owners must future-proof their investments today.

In this white paper, Greensmith lays out the requirements involved in future-proofing energy storage. We then describe our approach to future-proofing energy storage projects in two significant markets: the United Kingdom and California. With changing dynamics in these markets and others, storage owners will be successful only if they future-proof their energy storage investments.

To future-proof energy storage, storage developers must employ technology and project engineering specifically designed for flexibility.


Sulphide corrosion problem and possible ways of its solution.

During the operation of gas turbine plants sulphide corrosion could be one of the factors limiting gas turbines’ service life. It originates because of operation in polluted atmosphere and using of low-quality fuel with high content of corrosion-active substances and mixtures. Taking into account multifactorial process of high-temperature salt corrosion and insufficient knowledge about it, it is necessary to conduct complementary testing for corrosion resource evaluation relating to specific operational conditions. The necessity of improving performance, reliability and ecological compatibility of gas turbine plants regularly poses a challenge to the developers of gas turbines.


CHP station on the base of Siemens gas engines was constructed on the site of wall-paper plant in Gatchina.

The station commissioned on the site of Artex enterprise consists of four Siemens gas engine plants. First two SGE 56SL plants were installed at the enterprise in 2017. Two more similar gas engine plants were added to the station in August 2018. Electrical output of SGE 56SL is 954 kW. The station operates on the island mode in cogeneration cycle. Main fuel for the station is natural gas. All generated electric and thermal power is used for technological needs of the enterprise.


UEC-Gas turbines GPA-4RMP gas compressor sets for Kaliningradskoye UGS facility.

First stage of Kalinin-gradskoye underground gas storage station was commissioned in 2013.

It consists of three GPA-4RMP gas compressor sets equipped with Ariel JGZ/6-2 compressors. At present UEC-GT, JSC signed a contract with Gazprom Invest to supply GPA-4RMP gas compressor sets with reciprocating compressors for second stage of Kaliningradskoye underground gas storage facility. Under the contract UEC-GT will manufacture and supply three GPA-4RMP gas compressor sets equipped with Ariel KBZ/6-2 reciprocating compressors.


GE Distributed Power new 616 diesel genset for new market segments.

This paper describes the recently completed program for the application of the P616 diesel locomotive engine into the new 616 diesel genset product for GE Distributed Power. A brief introduction to the motivation behind the current platform strategy is given, as a description of the lean program structure and fast execution practices used to achieve the tight timeline of the program. A technical review of the product is given highlighting the development changes made to align the locomotive product to the power gen segment requirements, with attention given to the combustion and high efficiency air charging system development resulting in class leading fuel consumption targets being met. A summary of the engine and genset controller and control strategy is presented, and finally a summary of the system integration work required to include the diesel specific systems etc. into GE’s standard Jenbacher genset package is given.


Kohler-SDMO diesel gensets for World Football Championship in Russia.

The expiring year for SDMO Industries was marked by delivery of power equipment for numerous complicated projects realized by its reliable partners. In particular, some stadiums of World Football Championship 2018 which was held in Russia were equipped with Kohler-SDMO diesel gensets. One of SDMO Industries partners provided back up power supply of Volgograd Arena stadium. The company provided X1250C diesel genset rated at 1 MW. For the stadium in Nizhny Novgorod the company supplied V550C2 gensets on the base of Volvo diesel engine and KD900-F genset on the base of KOHLER diesel engine. These gensets provide immediate load acceptance up to 100 % at one step. Kohler-SDMO diesel generating sets, designed for industrial users, cover a wide field of applications and offer a vast range of options and retrofitting to fully meet the requirements of all configurations.


Gas engine power station near Blagodat mountain in the Urals.

Cogeneration power station with total electric output of 4 MW provides half of electricity requirements of Kushvinsky plant of turning rollers. Electrical scheme of power output from gas engine power station is of special interest and complexity of the project.

The station consists of four Engul 1300 GAXT gas engine power plants and closed distribution unit with the voltage of 6 kV. The plants were developed on the base of MWM TCG 2020 V12 K gas engines and Marelli Motori electric generators. Modular-container equipment was supplied to the customer with full factory readiness. Generated electric and thermal power is used for technological needs of the enterprise.

According to project technical specifications for the connection of generating object the project stipulates parallel mode of operation with exterior electrical grid without delivering of generated electric power to the grid. The quality of generated electric power is in conformity with GOST 32144-2013 standard.


REP Holding on gas turbine technologies market in Russia.

REP Holding at present is completing two different but complementary tasks. Adhering to the strategy of product-line expansion for the customers and consolidation of its position on domestic and foreign markets, the company continues to scale up localization of foreign gas turbines production in Russia. The article presents the interview with top management of the company in the sphere of gas turbine business development, new products creation and mastering of the most advanced technologies.


Heat & Power’ 2018 exhibition.

On 23-25 October, Moscow hosted Russia’s only exhibition of heat supply equipment for civil and industrial facilities Heat & Power 2018. 2,579 guests attended the exhibition over 3 days. 124 companies from 12 counties exhibited at Heat & Power 2018, 45 % more compared to 2017. The list of exhibitors included Russian and international manufacturers and suppliers of industrial boilers, heat exchange, power generation, and auxiliary engineering equipment. The total exhibition area amounted to about 4,000 sq. m. Over 200 trademarks of construction, repair, and modernization equipment for boiler houses, heating units, autonomous power supply systems, TPPs, and other power facilities were presented to professionals. Many exhibitors displayed their new models of equipment to guests.