IN BRIEF #3-2019

Siemens SST steam turbines.

Siemens with over a century of experience and continuous development in steam turbine technology is a prime partner for any customer in various branches of industry. Thousands steam turbines delivered worldwide prove the reliability and effectiveness of the equipment. Siemens steam turbines work as generator drives or as mechanical drives for compressors or pumps. They play a significant role in many combined cycle and cogeneration plants and in industrial applications. Steam turbines are also often applied in the renewable energy sector as a part of power generation plants, district heating, biomass, waste-to-energy, seawater desalination or solar heat. The modular design concept of all steam turbines ensures high flexibility, availability and a reduction of time-to-market. High quality and customized solutions are guaranteed for every Siemens steam turbine.

Evaluation of gas turbine lubricating oils tendency to high-temperature deposits formation under various temperatures.

Formation of high-temperature deposits on the components of oil supply system reduces reliability of gas pumping units operation. Existing methods of evaluation of lubricating oils tendency to the deposits formation in gas turbine engines in the majority of cases are based on only one temperature regime. The method offered on the article uses new evaluation criterion which in in conjunction with the analysis deposits formation tendency for various lubricating oils in wide temperature range gives the possibility to more objectively evaluate oils behavior in the zones of contacts with hot surfaces of gas turbine components and units.

Renewable energy sources – the main direction of power market development.

The global energy market is constantly evolving. Current market trends show the energy landscape is in transition towards more flexible energy systems with a rapidly increasing share of renewable energy, declining inflexible baseload generation and wider applications of storage technology. The declining costs of renewables have begun to reduce new investments into coal and other inflexible baseload technologies; a transition which will eventually cause renewables to become the new baseload. Wärtsilä aims to accelerate this transition towards a 100% renewable energy future. As a leading global energy system integrator offering a broad range of flexible and efficient solutions for the operational lifecycle. Wärtsilä can create optimal paths towards a 100 % renewable energy future for its customers by analysing customer requirements and building optimal energy systems with total cost of ownership. This paper describes this transition – the dynamic nature of the energy market, the increasing requirements for the flexible assets in power systems.

Power station in Toronto: high efficiency with the use of Caterpillar cogeneration plants.

Enwave Energy Corp. was originally established more than 20 years ago as a non-profit cooperative, known as the Toronto District Heating Corporation. Their mandate was to provide efficient, environmentally friendly heating to institutional and government buildings in downtown Toronto. In 1998, the company’s chairman initiated a restructuring plan that ultimately gave rise to the private, for-profit entity called Enwave. In 2018, Enwave increased the efficiency of the Pearl Street plant by adding two Caterpillar G3516H gas-powered generator sets.

UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC: our goal is perfect quality!

In December 2019 Perm design bureau will celebrate its 80th anniversary. During last 25 years the enterprise was developing industrial gas turbine plants. The results of this activity are very impressive. Last year 1000th serial gas turbine plant was delivered to the customer. By the beginning of 2019 total operating time of industrial gas turbines manufactured by the enterprise was more than 27 mln hours. Their total installed capacity is 12.2 GW.

Fuel gas integrated processing for gas turbines on the site of Pregolskaya TES power station.

By the example of Pregolskaya TES commissioned in March 2019 the article presents the possibilities of fuel gas integrated processing on the base of multi-functional technological plants which are used in automated process of gas drying, warm-up, reduction, compression and supply to gas turbines of combined cycle power plants. Fuel gas supply is provided by Energas complex gas treatment system. It includes multi-unit gas treatment point, booster compressor station on the base of four compressor units and control module. The system is installed on the site of Kaliningradskaya TETs-2 located near Pregolskaya TES. 

Warranty commitments: who is responsible.

Acquisition of modern power equipment is very complicated and multistage process. The customer in doing this must have comprehensive technical knowledge but also enter into details of various juridical documents, specifications and so on. There are two types of gas engine power plants on Russian market. First type includes the plants manufactured by foreign companies. The second type

is the plants packaged by Russian companies on the base of foreign equipment. In the first case warranty commitments are carried out by the company mentioned in the contract.

Elsib air-cooled generators rated at 6, 8 and 12 MW: new product for steam turbine plants market.

Elsib scientific and production association has long-term and successful experience in the sphere of distributed power generation with respect to manufacture and delivery of turbogenerators for industrial enterprises which operate their own thermal power stations on the base of steam turbine plants. The customers are the companies with twenty-four-hour demands in electric and thermal power for their technological needs and which have the possibility of recycling of waste energy resources generated in the technological processes. Taking into account the development of distributed power generation segment the management of Elsib made the decision of

production line-up diversification. New air-cooled generator rated at 6, 8 and 12 MW were developed. The first contact for the delivery of TGP-6.3-6000-2U3 turbogenerator was signed with Uralenergoservice in 2017. It was used for steam turbine under the project of reconstruction of Southern thermal power station in Rubtsovsk.

Automated diesel power station operates on Kuril Islands.

VladModul, Ltd. in cooperation with Terberg company (Holland) manufactured and carries out adjustment of new software for automation of exhaust gases heat recovery systems produced by Aprovis (Germany). The works were carried out for eleven diesel power plants (Caterpillar 3512B and 3516B) during integrating testing of two new 3516B diesel power plants commissioned on Iturup Island. New software gives the opportunity automatically utilize waste heat of diesel power plants on various operation modes without electrical load removal. Also VladModul, Ltd. implemented telemetry control systems for high-voltage distribution substations on 35/6 kV lines situated in Kurilsk and Reydovo and Kitovoe settlements. Under the reconstruction project optical lines were wired and electrical equipment supplied by NTK Interface company (Ekaterinburg) was installed on the sites of the substations.

 Simplified L’Orange fuel injection system for Dual Fuel applications.

Due to the well-known reasons, such as the reduction of operating costs and emissions, the number of gas engines has increased a lot over the last years. Thereby Dual Fuel engines enable high flexibility and operating reliability.

So unlimited engine operation is guaranteed, even if gas supply was interrupted. Furthermore gas operation with pilot injection also shows advantages in comparison to operation with spark plug, for example an increased ignition and lifetime.

As global market leader for Dual Fuel injections systems L’Orange possesses more than 20 years of experience in research and development; both for engines with homogeneous combustion (low pressure gas) and also with heterogeneous combustion (high pressure gas). The appropriate engines from Wartsila convice on the market for many years.

Currently L’Orange develops a new, obviously simplified injection system. The injection system consists only of one fuel circle with one high pressure pump plus one injector per engine cylinder.

 Oil & Gas international exhibition: more than 50 new companies.

XVI International exhibition Oil & Gas/MIOGE was held on 23-26th of April 2019 in Crocus Expo (Moscow). It was organized by ITE Group of Companies. This year more than 200 companies took part in the event. They presented their production, technologies and services for extracting, transportation, processing and storage of oil and gas. Specialists from 17 countries presented their expositions on the exhibition. Special program was organized under the event. During the program customers got the opportunity to meet and negotiate with largest Chinese manufacturers of various equipment. Innovative technologies zone was created on the site of the event. Business program of the exhibition included Oil & Gas Congress.