IN BRIEF #5-2019

Evolutionary development of Siemens SGT-800 – a ground for reliable upgrades.
The Siemens gas turbine SGT-800 has been on the market for 20 years.
During these years a number of steps have been taken in order to further improve the performance and the design still keep a
high operational reliability. During this time extensive operational experience has been gained with approximately 7 million
accumulated operating hours. But also design methodology such as software and computational power and modeling have
advanced significantly over these years, giving the opportunity to further improve the design in respect of optimizing aerodynamics, cooling and component integrity.
When an up-dated design or a service schedule is released to the market also older versions of the SGT-800 are considered.


Operation experience of gas and diesel engine power plants on the base of Mitsubishi engines.
Intertechelectro Group of Companies, one of the leaders on the market of power engineering in Russia, built up in 2016 own production of power equipment on the site of Kurgansky plant of complex technologies. The enterprise manufactures gas engine power plants rated at 500…2000 kW and diesel power plants rated at 400…2500 kW.

In addition the company produces modular boiler plants, compressor plants and various electrical equipment. In May 2019 Intertechelectro signed dealership agreement with Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. and at present it is exclusive distributor and the only authorized service
representative of Mitsubishi gas engine power plants.


Increasing of gas turbine plant output by means of cycle air cooling.
At the end of May 2019 Mosenergo PJSC finished the works on implementation of evaporating system for cycle air cooling on complex air filtering and conditioning system of SGT5-4000F of combined cycle power unit on the site of CHPP-20. It gave the opportunity to increase payable output of power unit. The project is advanced not only for Mosenergo PJSC but also for
Gasprom energoholding Group of Companies on the whole. The main operating principal is liquid evaporation carried out from latent heat taken from external environment.


Equipment. Creation. Service – the main principle of TSS Group of Companies.
TSS Group of Companies manufactures diesel and gas engine power plants for main and stand-by power supply of state, social and industrial enterprises. In 2018 the company celebrated its 25th anniversary.

At present TSS Group of Companies is multi-level
structure. It reliably and to the fullest extent solves any engineering, production, delivery and maintenance tasks through the  whole range of products for diesel and gas engine power plants. Under many projects the company acts as general contractor and constructs power stations on turn-key basis. This year the company has already realized more than 50 large projects.


Siemens digital solutions for Russian power market.
Implementation of digital services and solutions of Siemens in Russian power industry will open up new possibilities for more flexible and effective operation and maintenance of installed power equipment and for technological processes optimization. The
company is ready to offer digital solutions and products from its portfolio to the customers. Furthermore Siemens is ready to develop new concepts of digital solutions in cooperation with Russian generating and service companies on the base of specific purposes and requirements of every customer.

Siemens digital solutions were developed following on from multi-year experience and expert knowledge of the company in the sphere of operation and maintenance of power generating equipment and are aimed to gaining of profit by end users. Siemens offers digital solutions in the following main directions of customers’ business
optimization – productivity, availability, operation effectiveness and safety.


Energas Group of Companies: gas conditioning projects are realized under the plan.
In September this year the company celebrated 12th anniversary of its professional activity. Corporate team of Energas makes
steady progress in further enhancement of engineering skills and builds up the experience which is necessary for realization of gas conditioning and gas supply projects. More than 75 % of company employees are licentiates in technical sphere. Since 2007 the company realized 150 different projects and supplied 290 compressor and multi-functional plants for complex conditioning of gases with various contents and types.


On the question of gas engine power plant purchase.
Gas engine power plants market in Russia continues to develop under the influence of two factors: domestic economic situation in the country and active marketing pressure from the side of foreign manufacturers of the equipment.

Russian packaging companies are now also active in the process. How can the customer of power plants take in the situation?
The one way to solve the problem is to systematize in a certain manner offers for gas engine power plants presented on the market.

In connection with different tasks it is impossible to definitely assign the best and the worst variant of the product.


Ros-Gas-Expo ‘2019 specialized trade fair in Saint-Petersburg.
XXIII International specialized exhibition of natural gas industry and technology for gas facilities RosGas-Expo was held from 1
to 4 October 2019 in St. Petersburg as part of the IX St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.
More than 10,000 gas industry specialists met at the Expoforum exhibition and convention center to discuss the latest developments in the field of construction, operation, and reconstruction of gas transmission systems. About 400 companies from 20 countries presented their products. For more than 20 years the exhibition has become a traditional demonstration
platform for new technologies, materials, and equipment also a reliable mechanism for promoting the latest developments.


Total products application – reduction of gas engine power plant operating costs.
Economic situation in the country moves end users to save electric power. The most difficult this situation is for the enterprises with power-consuming technological cycle. Big enterprises have lower rate of tariffs in comparison with small and medium companies. The one way for solution of this problem is to construct gas engine power plant on the site of enterprise. Total is the leader on the market of lubricating materials which are used in distributed power generation segment. The most popular product of the company is TOTAL NATERI  AMP 40 which is new generation low ash lubricant, specifically developed to extend oil drain interval, and to protect natural gas engines. NATERIA MP 40 performances are recognized by all major manufacturers who tested it successfully in real conditions.
It was developed for the most severe conditions: fast engines, high temperatures, small oil sump capacity and is used for
lubrication of engines in power generation plants, with or without cogeneration, when the manufacturer requires an oil ash
content up to 0.5 %.


Fuel-oil purification system for diesel power plants.
Integrated treatment of diesel fuel on power stations with the help of corresponding fuel-oil purification systems considerably increases operation parameters of exhaust gases utilization units and reliability and efficiency of diesel generating sets.
Such systems traditionally include clarifying basins, fuel heaters, centrifugal separators and filters.
Usually diesel fuel contains various impurities, such as water, sulphur and chlorine compounds, freezing paraffin hydrocarbons, different metal salts and mechanical impurities. Fuel purification is carried out during the process of fuel integrated treatment. Purification is realized by means of sludging, separation, filtration and homogenization.


Scientific and technical session devoted to gas turbines.
This year scientific and technical session of Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gas turbine issues was held on
the site of Aviadvigatel in Perm. The title of the event is Scientific and practical issues of application of achievements of aircraft
engine-building industry for land-based gas turbine plants. The session was devoted to 80th anniversary of Aviadvigatel. Many specialists from power engineering and machine-building enterprises took part in the session. Most of the reports presented during the event were devoted to the application of gas turbine plants as a part of combined cycle power stations. Mr. Olkhovsky, corresponding member of  the Academy of  Sciences, opened the conference.