IN BRIEF #2-2020

Siemens updated model range of propane gas engines of SGE Series.
Siemens company updated model range of gas engines and power plants on their base operating on propane (propane-butane fuel mixture). Using of propane as a fuel for the sites which have no access to natural gas or liquefied natural gas is optimal solution.

Power plants using propane as a fuel were developed on the base 4-stroke Siemens engine operating on Miller cycle.
Power range of these engines is 315…1067 kW with voltage of 400 V. NOx emission level of the engines is 500 mg/m3.
Initially the engines were developed for operation on propane. They have high level of reliability and durability, long maintenance intervals and low life cycle costs. The main feature of the engine is possibility to operate in COP mode according to ISO 8528 standard with maintenance interval of 2000 hours.


New single-stage turbochargers for large high speed diesel engines.
Large high speed diesel engines are typically developed as multipurpose platforms which are then used in very different application segments such as in mining, marine, power generation, etc. The operation profiles of these individual application types vary in a very wide range: from highly loaded mining machinery operating with an extreme number of load cycles, over to more constant load profiles in prime power generation, to only a few running hours in standby applications. Similarly, the engine speed characteristics are just as diverse: ranging from constant speed applications in power generation, to a very broad engine operation map in which engine speed and load are varied independently.

The engine’s performance characteristics are defined to a large extent by the capabilities of the turbocharging system.
The ongoing engine development therefore continues to drive advancement of turbochargers.


Energas Group of Companies: experience of low pressure associated petroleum gas treatment and compression.
From year to year the problem of big deposits depletion on the territory of Russian Federation is becoming more and more pressing. Consequently the task of effective use of low pressure associated petroleum gas becomes more important. The specialists of Energas offer to solve the problem in an integrated manner. Associated petroleum gas from the second and next stages of oil separation has low pressure. That is why it is impossible to transport it from oil extraction objects to main compressor station.

In these instances the deposits are equipped with small compressor stations or compressor station of low separation stages.


Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies localizes service solutions for the Russian power market.
Throughout its existence since 2011 the SGTT Customer Service has proven to be a reliable partner for generating companies in the Russian energy market, capable to meet technical challenges of any complexity.

It has successfully completed more than 15 major inspections, more than 10 hot gas path inspections and 70 minor inspections of power plants’ generating equipment in Russia and CIS countries. The SGTT Customer Service backlog includes 15 contracts for long-term maintenance of power plants based on GTUs SGT5- 4000F and SGT5-2000E.
Over the past 5 years the SGTT Customer Service has successfully upgraded 8 GTUs of various frames in Russia. The total capacity increase amounted to 240 MW and efficiency increased by 0.9%.
For the first time in the world the SGT5-4000F GTU was upgraded to version 8. The average shutdown time for the upgrade is less than 40 days.


Remote monitoring system for power generation equipment of Intertechelectro Group of Companies.
Implementation of up-to-date systems of remote monitoring and diagnostics of power generation equipment gives the opportunity to save significant financial resources from unscheduled maintenance and overhaul and to keep from the most of emergency situations at the power stations. Intertechelectro Group of Companies is one of the leaders of power engineering in Russia. In 2016 it created the production facilities for diesel and gas engine power plants - Kurgansky plant of complex technologies. All plants by agreement with the clients are equipped with Delta/8 remote monitoring systems. It provides the access of operation and engineering personnel to complete necessary parametric information of the main power equipment. The system gives the opportunity to control all technological processes and analyze emergency situations and substandard modes of equipment operation. At this all current measured and calculated analog and digital parameters' values are used.


Heat-exchanging equipment: selection of protective coating.
Thermoflow company, Russian manufacturer of heat-exchanging equipment, has experience in this sphere since 2011. The main principle of company's activity is individual approach to any client.

Blygold coatings provide a remarkable long lasting and resilient corrosion protection for heat exchangers. They finely seal off the heat exchanger from the environment, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop. The system can efficiently be applied in the factory as well as on-site.
Our specialized elite products and unique application procedures, make Blygold the best choice to prevent air conditioning failure and unnecessary energy consumption due to corrosion. Our most coveted product is PoluAl XT: an aluminium pigmented polyurethane coating developed for the protection of air-cooled heat exchangers. The product meets all the necessary requirements for the coating of condensers and coolers. PoluAl XT stands apart from the rest. It has an excellent chemical and UV resistance.


Methods of up-to-date automated control system integration.
Digital technologies are used in many spheres of people living environment. At present many manufacturers of diesel and gas engine power plants finished the production of the equipment with mechanical or analog control systems because of new ecological requirements to industrial power plants.

Domestic manufacturers following to global trends are actively turning to implementation of digital technologies in engine-building segment of industry. At overhaul or modification of power plants it is necessary to change the engines because their service life is shorter than the life of plants. At this it is necessary to integrate up-to-date engine control system to the plant control system.


New diesel power station will be commissioned on Paramushir island.
VladModule company completed development and survey works for the reconstruction of existing power station in Severo-Kurilsk, Sakhalinskaya Region. The main task of the project is to increase total electric output of the station up to 6.4 MW and thermal output up to 5.16 Gcal/h. The project is realizing under the contract with administration of  Severo-Kurilsky District. Existing power station was constructed under the special-purpose program of Kuril Islands development and is the main power source for Severo-Kurilsk. At present electric output of the station is 4.6 MW, thermal output is 3.87 Gcal/h.

It consists of three Caterpillar 3516B diesel power plants each rated at 1.6 MW with voltage of 6.3 kV. All plants are equipped with exhaust gases waste-heat recovery units with automatically controlled bypass. The plants are installed in easily build modular construction which is located in protected from tsunami and mud streams place.