IN BRIEF #3-2020

ORC units application for reciprocating engines efficiency increase.

The paper demonstrates the potential of low temperature ORC technology coupled to reciprocating engines with applications throughout many industries. Also described is information about technical aspects of ORC machines, including the specific differentiation of ElectraTherm’s technology, fleet experience, robustness of design, and other attributes to consider when choosing an ORC for engine applications.


Combined heat and power plant provides flexibility and black start capability.
Wärtsilä ’s state-of-the-art gas engine technology will provide flexibility and black start capability to Drewag, the local utility company in Dresden, Germany. Wärtsilä will deliver a CHP engine power plant with high deployment flexibility and black start capability to Drewag. The new 90 MW CHP plant will produce electricity and district heating  simultaneously and has high electrical and overall efficiency.
A side aspect of the plant is its black start capability, where the Dresden-Reick gas engine plant will be very important for the start-up of the Dresden grid  in case of a blackout.


Refurbishment of hot gas path components at the SGTT Service Center.
An important element of the SGTT Customer Service is the Service Center for repair and refurbishment of Siemens turbines blades and vanes. The establishment of the Service Center is a logical step Siemens has taken to ensure full localization of services provided to Russian customers.
Siemens is the first company among the leading original turbine equipment manufacturers that has decided to transfer the refurbishment technologies for hot gas path components of gas turbine units (one of the most critical components with regard to intellectual property rights) to a Russian subsidiary.
The decision on establishment of the Service Center was made in the beginning of 2017, and already in May 2018 the opening ceremony took place.
Opening of the SGTT Service Center provided a unique opportunity for Russian customers to refurbish the most critical GTU components without transporting them outside the country.


Cogeneration, trigeneration, quadrogeneration: international experience.
Recently, great number of discussions was devoted to the effectiveness of cogeneration. Generally the preference in the sphere was given to gas engine power plants as the most effective for cogeneration. INNIO company located in Jenbach (Austria) is one of the leading manufacturers of gas engines, power equipment, digital platforms and related services for power generation and gas compression. Jenbacher and Waukesha established brands hold competitive positions on the market.
Application of INNIO Jenbacher technologies gives the opportunity to reduce fuel gas losses and levels of carbon dioxide emission.


High-quality maintenance is reliability and efficiency factor of gas conditioning equipment.
Efficiency and reliability of technological equipment of gas conditioning and gas supply directly depend on the most important factor –high-quality technical maintenance of the equipment.
In Energas Group of Companies these problems are solved by service-technical division created in 2008.
The article presents the interview with Alexander Kramskoy, general director of ServiceEnergas company.
According to Mr. Kramskoy ServiceEnergas is ready to provide its experience to all interested operating companies. The business of the company is based on the principle of professional specialization. Engineering department of the company includes construction, commissioning, service and overhaul departments.


Heat-exchanging equipment: corrosion and consequences.
Thermoflow company, Russian manufacturer of heat-exchanging equipment, has experience in this sphere since 2011. The main principle of company's activity is individual approach to any client.
Blygold coatings provide a remarkable long lasting and resilient corrosion protection for heat exchangers. They finely seal off the heat exchanger from the environment, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop. The system can efficiently be applied in the factory as well as onsite. The specialized elite products and unique application procedures, make Blygold the best choice to prevent air conditioning failure and unnecessary energy consumption due to corrosion. This patented technology meets all requirements of ISO 12944 international standard. Aluminum pigmented polyurethane coating was especially developed for the protection of heat-exchangers with air cooling from devastating impact of corrosion. The coating is applied in a thin layer (20 μm) on the base of special technology. It gives the opportunity to prevent decrease of heat-exchange rate.


To Make Sure Everything Works in Times of Crisis.
When the cogeneration power plant was first set up in 2007, Dräger opted for reliable, efficient MWM engine technology in the form of a TCG 2020 V12. After 13 years of smooth operation, the core of the cogeneration power plant is now being replaced with an MWM TCG 2020 V12 gas genset with improved efficiency. «By replacing the engine of the Dräger cogeneration power plant, we want to achieve even more carbon savings and improve the profitability», says Sоren Sievertsen, project manager at Stadtwerke Lubeck. In the past, the cogeneration power plant was operated directly by Dräger; now, this will be handled by Stadtwerke Lubeck under a contracting arrangement.
The heat-controlled cogeneration power plant supplies heat energy and power for Dräger and heat energy for various service providers on the premises.
All of the generated heat is used for heating the workplaces in the factory halls and offices, and almost all of the 1 MWh of power (per hour) that will henceforth be produced will be used locally and will not be fed into the local power grid.
«In this way, we are able to cut Dräger's power costs, as self-generated power is not subject to additional levies», explains Bjоrn Verwold, account manager at Stadtwerke Lubeck.


Automated fire-fighting system oil and gas and power industry.
Since 2006 Arus company developed, supplied and commissioned automated systems for fire detection,  fire-fighting, fire suppressing and smoke detection for ensuring the fire safety of various enterprises and objects. Optimum combination of the components manufactured by Russian and foreign companies makes proposed solutions affordably priced on retention of high reliability of main units. Arus, Ltd. cooperates with customers and manufacturers of technological plants as well as assembling- adjustment organizations and operators of the equipment. The company not only delivers automatic fire fighting equipment but also carries out engineering, assembling and commissioning works as well as maintenance of the equipment under operation. The main guaranty for the customers is multi-years experience of the company, advanced technologies of production and business processes. In each specific case the clients are offered customized solutions depending on client’s requirements.


Combustion knocking in cylinders of gas engines.
The one of the most negative events during gas engines operation is initiation of detonation in the cylinders. Unfortunately, this process is inevitable and its consequences are often devastating. Up-to-date antiknock systems provide the opportunity to register, control and resist this event at the initial stages. In result it is possible to many times increase service life of the engine.
Many factors influence on beginning of knocking.
Among them are: variation of gas temperature, air filters impurity, reasonable wear of spark plugs.