#6 (November - December) 2020


Turbines & Diesels #6-2020



  • New generation power center with total electric output of 24,9 MW was constructed by VAPOR Company.
  • Refurbishment of hot gas path components in the Service Center of Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies.
  • Innovative design of Power2 two-stage turbocharger system of second generation.
  • Mobile version of Korvet-1.7K gas turbine power plant.
  • Investigation of fuel and load flexibility in a SGT-700/800 burner under atmospheric pressure conditions using high speed OH-PLIF and OH chemiluminiscence imaging.
  • Diesel engine power station was constructed in Tiksi settlement within the Polar circle.
  • Diesel engines: how the problem of NOx emission will be solved in 2021.
  • Focus on digitalization and efficiency: results of the conference of Distributed power generation association at HEAT&POWER-2020 exhibition.
  • Holistic approach for performance and emission development of high speed gas and dual fuel engines.
  • Competitiveness of steam turbine and combined cycle power plants technologies in Unified Power System of Russia.