#2 (Mart-April) 2021

Turbines & Diesels #2-2021



  • On-site power generation at the enterprise: efficiency, reliability and cost reduction.
  • How to ensure energy supply without capital expenditures.
  • Сombustion of methane-hydrogen gases in gas turbine plants.
  • Spetsenergogaz company: 9 years from the date of its foundation.
  • Anti-icing systems with autonomous heating air generation for inlet air filter unit of gas turbine plants and CCPP.
  • Integrated fuel treatment for gas turbine power plants at the Vostochnaya CHPP.
  • Ural-4000 gas turbine power plants for Energy of Parma project.
  • Dynamic UPS systems for the petrochemical industry.
  • Assessment tests of the 6DM-185 diesel engine for operation as a part of the power plant.