#3 (May-June) 2021

Turbines & Diesels #2-2021



  • ETS-W1560:EnergoTekhServis expands the model range of its gas engine power plants.
  • Flexible couplings for gas pumping units and gas turbine power plants– wide range and reliability.
  • Decarbonizing distributed power solutions.
  • UEC Engineering: integrated supplier of equipment and services for oil & gas industry.
  • Power stations on oil & gas fields: creation features and reliable operation.
  • Grid tariff discount is real.
  • LUKOIL lubricating oil for Japanese turbine equipment enters the Russian market.
  • Up-to-date and climatefriendly injection solutions of Liebherr.
  • Selecting of ignition system for a gas engine.
  • Greenhouse complex Sayuri power supply in permafrost conditions.
  • Educational and production laboratory at the Maritime University: its practical possibilities.