IN BRIEF #4-2021

Hydrogen power with Siemens gas turbines.
For the last few decades the focus for reducing the carbon emissions in the energy sector has been on the development of renewable generation using wind and solar energy. While renewables do not produce carbon emissions, they introduce a high level of intermittency due to changing weather conditions and variations in solar irradiation. This is often coupled with mismatches between the demand and supply of energy. The use of hydrogen in gas turbines has several benefits to the power sector.
For operators, the use of hydrogen fuels reduces the carbon emissions of existing generation plants. It allows these facilities to participate in low carbon energy markets and prevents stranded assets due to regulations on emissions reductions. For the grid, gas turbines operating on hydrogen fuel or hydrogen fuel mixtures are dispatchable and flexible generation capacity available to keep the grid stable. Siemens gas turbines can operate on high percentages of hydrogen fuel, with the specific capability of a unit depending on the gas turbine model and the type of combustion system.

High-efficiency cyclic air filtration systems for gas turbine plants of the LM series manufactured by General Electric.
The article describes the experience of modernization of filtration systems of air-conditioning units of gas turbine plants developed on the base of aircraft engines of the LM series manufactured by General Electric in Russia and abroad. A qualitative assessment of the influence of the filtration system on the main parameters of the gas turbine is given, the results of improving the operation of the gas turbine plants with the use of a highly efficient filtration system are shown. The use of modern gas turbines requires an increase in the efficiency of the filtration systems.

Monitoring of generators operation using the GenAdvisorTM digital platform.
Monitoring and diagnostics of the generator operation process is aimed at early detection of changes in the technical condition of the most critically loaded components, such as the stator winding, rotor winding, end windings or bearings. This allows to prevent unscheduled and expensive equipment shutdowns and to plan measures to extend its service life in due time.
Siemens Gas Turbine Tecnologies offers its customers GenAdvisorTM reference digital platform for operational online monitoring of generators.

Modern gas compressor technologies are the key to reliable operation of generating equipment.
The importance of complex gas treatment and guaranteed fuel supply for ensuring uninterrupted operation of power facilities is shown in the article on the example of the combined cycle power unit PGU-230 at the Minsk TPP-3. Minsk TPP-3 (an affiliate of Minskenergo) has been operating in the power system of Byelorussia since 1951. At that time it was the first experience in the republic of commissioning high-pressure power equipment. TPP-3 is part of a united production and technological complex for the production, transmission and distribution of thermal and electric power. Its installed capacity today is 442 MW for electricity and 1632 Gcal/h for heat.

GTU-16PM with DLE combustion chamber entered service.
According to the scientific and technical policy of Gazprom PJSC in the field of gas pumping equipment one of the activities aimed at meeting the company's needs for modern high-efficiency equipment is to improve the environmental characteristics of gas pumping units. The main environmental pollutants in the exhaust gases of a natural gas turbine unit are nitrogen oxides NO and NO2 in combination with carbon monoxide CO. The last pollutant reflects the completeness of fuel combustion and directly affects the efficiency of a gas turbine.

Decarbonizing distributed power solutions.
Europe is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, but energy transition is not just an EU initiative. Countries inside EU and globally are setting targets to reach carbon neutrality even before 2050. It is a global transition that is centered on the transformation from largely fossil-based to a low carbon neutral energy system. This implies strong growth of the well-known renewable energy sources such as volatile wind and solar PV. An intensive debate is ongoing between the ones seeing an all-electric future and the ones promoting a technology mix like what we have today. With electric vehicles for passenger cars and trucks, electrification is supporting a new sector of energy consumers that was dominated by fuels until now.

RUMO JSC: modern gas pumping units, internal combustion engines and gas engine and piston compressors.
The RUMO plant (formerly the Engine of Revolution) has been specializing in the development, production, supply and maintenance of diesel, dual-fuel and gas internal combustion engines and plants on their base for more than 100 years. In addition 70 years ago the company mastered the production of gas-motor compressors and is the only manufacturer of this type of equipment in Russia.

Wärtsilä engines test programme towards carbon-free solutions with hydrogen.
The technology group Wärtsilä continues to lead the ongoing transformation of the energy and marine sectors towards carbon-free solutions through its future fuel development work. The company is pioneering the adoption of hydrogen and ammonia as viable engine fuels through advanced testing in Wärtsilä’s fuelflexible combustion engines.
Testing will continue throughout the coming years with the aim of defining the most feasible internal combustion enginebased solutions for power plant and marine applications, thereby enabling the transition to a decarbonised future with green fuels.

ROLT Group gas engine power plants.
ROLT Group of Companies is an production holding specializing in the implementation of complex projects in the field of energy supply and energy resource management. The holding includes manufacturing, engineering and service enterprises united on the principle of vertical integration.
The company has achieved a leading position in the market of distributed energy production due to an integrated approach to solving problems in the field of energy supply, the presence of its own production of gas engine power plants and powerful technical support. The company was founded more than ten years ago, during this time more than 90 projects were realized in the sphere of distributed power generation.

MAN company uses MOTORTECH equipment.
Unlike its closest competitors, the MAN concern does not produce power plants, focusing its efforts on the production of gas engines.
This is a strategic decision.
So, it is very unlikely that MAN-made gas engine power plants will appear on the market in the nearest future. MAN engines pass through a full cycle bench tests at the enterprise. Protocols of testing are in open access and every potential client of the company can get acquainted with them. MAN chooses MOTORTECH equipment.

ITE 1500G gas engine power plant overhaul on the site of power station in Tazovsky settlement.
The specialists of Intertechelectro JSC service department performed rank E (20,000 engine hours) maintenance of ITE 1500G gas engine power plant in a volume close to the capital repair. The plant designed on the base of Mitsubishi GS16R2-PTK engine, is installed at the power station of Yamalkommunenergo JSC in Tazovsky settlement in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area.
The uniqueness of the works performed lies in the fact that all of them were performed inside the gas engine plant container directly at the remote facility.

MAN Truck & Bus SE and МТ-Group: 15 years of successful partnership.
In 2021, the German company MAN Truck & Bus SE and the Russian MT-Group celebrated the 15th anniversary of the official cooperation. MT-Group LLC is an authorized importer of MAN high-speed diesel and gas engines for stationary generator sets and has the exclusive right to support the operation of the sales and after-sales service network, including the sale of spare parts, as well as services for the commissioning and maintenance of engines.
In 2006, MT-Group LLC was accredited as an importer for MAN marine engines with the exclusive right to sell, service and perform warranty repairs.
The company has also been providing services in the industrial sector.