IN BRIEF #6-2021

Localization of SGT5 series turbines for Russian power industry.
Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (SGTT) is the only company in Russia, which has proven its competence in production, service and design of large gas turbines.
SGTT’s business priority is to localize production of gas turbine SGT5-2000E. The localization level is more than 60 %.
SGTT was founded in 2011, it is energy hub within Siemens Energy company.
In June 2015 SGTT's state-of-the-art production complex for the production of gas turbines was put into operation in the village Gorelovo.
The operational activity of the company ensures the loading of subcontractors from various regions of Russia.

Sputnik-Integration participates in the creation of photovoltaic power plants.
Sputnik-Integration LLC was formed in 1993, when this division of Perm Center for Automated Control Systems became a separate enterprise.
As a result of the constant development of the enterprise Sputnik specialists are implementing projects in the field of automation, electric drive, electrical distribution and gas turbine technologies. In 2014, the management of Sputnik LLC-Integration decided to participate in a new field of renewable energy, using its experience in traditional energy sector. In 2016 Sputnik LLC- Integration became the winner in the tenders for three more contracts for the supply of equipment for solar power plants.

ROLT Group: maintenance of diesel and gas engine power plants.
Professional forehanded maintenance is an important condition for the smooth operation of any high-tech equipment. ROLT Energy service company accompanies the supplied equipment in operation at all stages of the life cycle, as well as performs major repairs. ROLT Energy service is a maintenance company that is part of a production holding ROLT Group and providing a full range of services for the operation and technical support of energy facilities.
Thanks to the modern production and technical base and qualified personnel, the company consistently maintains a high level of service.
The ROLT service facilities as a part of the production and logistics complex located in Kolomna, Moscow region, has the necessary infrastructure for capital and aggregate repairs of industrial internal combustion engines.

SGT-800 – service and modernization.
In October Siemens Energу (Russia) hosted participants of the first conference of users of SGT-800 gas turbine plants at the production site of Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies.
It was dedicated to the operation, maintenance and modernization of gas turbines. The task of the organizers was to tell about the company's new service products, advanced technologies in the creation and improvement of gas turbines, to introduce the company's long-term plans to reduce emissions of harmful substances, etc.
SGT-800 gas turbine is based on a single-shaft design. It includes 15-stage compressor, an annular combustion chamber with 30 burners and a 3-stage power turbine.
Gas turbine plant has a wide range of possible upgrades leading to increased power and improved operational characteristics.

International conference Hydrogen: Russia and the CIS.
On October 20-21, Moscow hosted the international conference and exhibition Hydrogen: Russia and the CIS 2021, organized by VostockCapital. The theme of the event is the development of the hydrogen industry in Russia and the CIS countries, the implementation of investment projects in this industry, technical and technological improvement of production, use, storage and transportation of hydrogen. More than 350 specialists took part in the work.
During the conference, experts discussed and identified global trends in decarbonization, technological challenges of hydrogen production and transportation. The participants analyzed the partnership of the state, science, producers and consumers in the field of decarbonization. One of the central topics of discussion was the formation of new markets and the development of infrastructure within the framework of major investment projects. The participants paid special attention to the global hydrogen market and Russia's place in this field.

GTE-110M gas turbine unit for modernization and construction of Russian energy facilities.
Rybinsk enterprise of the United Engine Corporation – UEC Saturn PJSC (part of Rostec State Corporation) in 2021 completed a project of creation of the first domestic GTD-110M heavy duty gas turbine.
GTD-110 engine was developed within the framework of Fuel and Energy special federal program in accordance with the requirements of RAO UES of Russia for the needs of the domestic power system. The engine has a 15-stage compressor with variable inlet vane unit, can-annular combustion chamber and 4-stage power turbine.
In the period from 2014 to 2019 a deep modernization of the engine was carried out aimed primarily at improving the reliability of the engine, operational manufacturability and service life.

TAURUS – targeted fire alarm system manufactured by ARUS LLC.
Early detection of fire, limitation of its spread, exclusion of dangerous factors exposure during evacuation of people are tasks performed primarily by technical means. When supplying equipment to market leaders, it is necessary to take into account the high requirements of enterprises to fire safety. The equipment of the ARUS company fully meets these requirements.
ARUS Company has been designing, supplying and implementing automatic fire detection, fire extinguishing and gas pollution control systems for more than 15 years to ensure the fire safety of enterprises and facilities of any type. Due to the optimal combination of components from Russian and foreign manufacturers, the proposed solutions are affordable while maintaining the reliability of responsible units.
ARUS LLC works with customers and manufacturers of technological plants with installation, commissioning and operating organizations.

MAHLE supports Liebherr indeveloping hydrogen-fueledheavy-duty engines
MAHLE Powertrain, thedevelopment serviceprovider of automotive supplier is supporting Liebherrin their research aimed at developing hydrogenfueled internal combustionengines. Their workinvolves the use ofMAHLE’s prechamber jetignition system (MJI).
Engine tests have shownthat by using this technology, the mixture of hydrogen and air can be ignitedand burned at a high compression ratio, which makesthe combustion processvery efficient and stable.
This paves the way forhydrogen generated in climate-neutral processes tobe used in heavy-duty andoff-road applications, such as excavators, track vehicles, and wheeled loaders.
In order to achieve stableoperation with a high compression ratio whilst avoiding engine knock and preignition, hydrogen  enginesmust be operated with alarge amount of excess air.
The energy from a conventional spark plug is notenough to ignite such a mixture. MJI solves the problemby burning a small amountof an ignitable mixture in aprechamber cylinder.

Modernization of gascompressors.
Oil and gas production iscurrently one of the mostimportant industries in ourcountry. And the transportation of extracted resources, due to the longdistances from productionsites to consumers, is itsmost important component.
Russia leads the world interms of the length of existing gas pipelines, theirnumber and length continue to grow. Compressor units driven by a gas pistonengine are an integral partof gas pipelines. Toincrease the service life ofsuch compressors the specialists of the TECH groupof companies together withthe German manufacturerof components,MOTORTECH GmbH, have developed a number ofsolutions for the modernization of automation.

Development, disciplineand efficiency: Aggrekoenergy complexfor SLK Cement.
Spending on gas andelectricity alwaysaccounts for a significantshare of the cost of theproduct. Each manufacturer has to solve thisissue one way or another,make a choice betweenoptions. Pricing in themarket and the growingcost of electricity led SLK Cement (Korkino,Chelyabinsk region) tothe most, in their opinion,expedient solution – theirown power complex witha capacity of 6 MW. Theproject was implementedAggreko Eurasia.
The two main reasonswhy SLK Cement instructed Aggreko Eurasia toimplement its own generation – financial burdenand electricity shortage.
In Russia, enterprices donot have enough energy,which they receive fromthe grid, and tariffs aregrowing faster than inflation by more than twice.
And this is not to mentionmarket surcharges, fluctuations in tariff plansand other nuances.
This is especially important for energy-intensiveindustries, for example,metallurgical, cement andpulp mills.

Heat & Power’ 2019 exhibition was held in Moscow.
On 26–24th October,Moscow hosted Russia’sonly exhibition of heat supply equipment for civil andindustrial facilities Heat & Power 2021. 2500 guestsattended the exhibitionover 2 days. Various companies from different counties exhibited presentedtheir products and servicesduring the event. The list ofexhibitors included Russianand international manufacturers and suppliers ofindustrial boilers, heatexchange, power generation, and auxiliary engineering equipment. Over300 trademarks of construction, repair, and modernization equipment forboiler houses, heatingunits, autonomous powersupply systems, TPPs, andother power facilities werepresented to professionals.

Modernization of waste-heatrecovery systemof diesel power plantin Kamchatka.
Vladmodul Company together with Kamms–Service(dealer of Cummins) performed modernizationwaste-heat recovery systems for seven diesel power plantsmanufactured by Cummins.
High-voltage power unitsC2250D5 with a capacity of1600 kW each, with voltageof 6.3 kV were installed in2012 by NG-Energo for theneeds of AmetystovoyeMining and ProcessingPlant in Kamchatka region.
They operate on the basemode, being the main sourceof electricity at the field.
Using the results of theinspection, Vladmodul hasdeveloped new cooling flowcontrol schemes to ensureefficient transfer of thermalenergy.