IN BRIEF #1-2022

We are creating power plants.
Manufacture and maintenance in operation of gas turbine power plants is one of the successful business areas of UEC–Aviadvigatel JSC (part of Rostec United Engine Corporation). Its head, Oleg Vasketsov, Honorary Engineer of the
Ministry of Industry and
Trade of the Russian Federation, tells about the history of creation, current state and prospects of the department of gas turbine plants and objects of their application.
The development of a new
direction – the creation of gas turbine for power generation was begun in 1993, when companies Aviadvigatel, Tyumentransgas (now Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk) and Gazprom signed the contract for the development of new drive for the modernization of PAES-2500 and EG-2500 mobile autonomous power plants on the base of the converted aircraft engines D-30 III series.
With the development of
the technologies a leading design department of gas turbine plants was allocated in the structure of the department. It was engaged not only in the modernization of existing equipment, but also in the development of its own gas turbine plants for power stations. Self-developed power plants with a capacity of 2.5, 4, 6, 12, 16 and 25 MW appeared.


Virtual gas pipeline and its role in energy transition and decorbanization.
The article examines the role of natural gas in the transition to lower levels of air emissions in certain industries, and also emphasizes the crucial importance of virtual gas pipelines in providing access to LNG. Today, countries are in transition to renewable energy sources, on the way to carbon neutrality.
However, many of them
do not realize that natural gas can actually become a key factor in achieving this goal.
Despite the fact that natural gas is a fossil fuel, it
still appears in the most of the road maps to achieve lower emissions.
There are two main reasons for this. First, natural gas can become an
intermediate solution for certain industries that are unable to abandon hydrocarbons. It allows them to switch to zeroemission fuels and quickly reduce their carbon footprint. Secondly, diesel generators are often used for projects in remote areas due to grid absence, with no reliable and economical alternatives to diesel.


Energy technological indicators of compressor shops and units operation.
The article presents data on the current state of Gazprom compressor fleet: by type and structure of drives, their number, type-size (power) range, period of operation. A pilot project of a unified system of indicators of the operation of the compressor stations and gas pumping units, combining technological functions with the properties of statistical reliability and technical condition is presented. To create a unified system of indicators for the operation of compressor shops and gas pumping units new dependencies of energy intensity and energy efficiency on the mode of gas transportation through main gas pipelines are proposed.


Setting up of MOTORTECH equipment.
Today, MOTORTECH GmbH holds a leading position in the field of automation of gas engines and the domestic distributor is one of the ten largest suppliers in the world. It means that the number of MOTORTECH equipment in Russian Federation is steadily growing. And it's one thing when it comes to simple components, such as spark plugs or ignition coils, after installing which you can immediately start operating the equipment, but it's quite another – controllers that require qualified configuration. Consider how you can provide technical support for a growing number of equipment.
Controllers that control
the operation of gas engines from different manufacturers are programmed in different ways. Only original manufacturer can train an engineer in all the subtleties of configuration, but it is quite expensive to send a whole staff of employees even from one company to Germany for training. The solution to this problem was the multi-level training program of MOTORTECH.


UEC Engineering, LLC: enhancing the export potential.
High international requirements and standards are the most powerful tool for UEC Engineering to improve the quality and perfection of its products and services. UEC Engineering is the key company of the United Engine Corporation for the supply and maintenance of energy and gas pumping units and full cycle construction of energy facilities. The company carries out the reconstruction of gas turbine power stations and gas pumping units, the construction of new power generation and gas transportation facilities. The company also provides a full range of engineering services, provides a comprehensive supply of equipments.


Advantages of own generation at the enterprise without investments and costs.
Rolt Rent company (part of the Rolt Group production holding) offers to industrial enterprises to significantly reduce the cost of electrical and thermal power supply without capital and operating costs on the part of the customer by concluding an energy service contract. According to the terms of energy service contract Rolt Rent Company leases a gas engine power plant and assumes all capital and operational costs for the entire term of the contract.
The customer provides a
site for the installation of the power plant and pays the bills for the actually consumed kWh and Gcal/h. Currently the company has more than 20 energy service contracts in its assets which are at various stages of implementation. The rental fleet of gas piston units is more than 50 MW.


Improvement of power generation efficiency and heat recovery of Mitsubishi KU30GSI gas engine.
In 2012, MHI has released KU30GSI-Plus model achieved 48.8% power generation efficiency to the market, while MHI aimed to boost the potentiality of the existing model of KU30GSI model whose total heat and power generation efficiency is wellsuited for the combined heat and power application. Relation between heat and power generation efficiency is known as a tradeoff with larger loss of heat recovery efficiency relative to the power generation efficiency gain.


International exhibition and conference Enlit Europe-2021.
International Enlit Europe Conference and Exhibition, experienced a great number attendees across the three events over three days. This year’s event has seen a great number of exhibitors.
The event provided a clear
picture that the European power market is changing and it is changing fast.
The high number of attendees across all the events
is a reflection of the industry’s eagerness to discover the latest developments in business, technology and policy at a moment of such rapid change for power generation. It’s an exciting time to be working in such an innovative industry and it has been great to see professionals from every sector of the power sector come together to discuss the challenges that they face and how they can work together to meet these.
Many speakers on various
sessions of the conference explained that a new era has dawned across the European energy market and a deep transformation is underway. Renewable energy technologies such as smart grids have proven to significantly increase energy efficiency and companies on a global scale are beginning to invest heavily in their development.