In brief #5-2022

INGС – efficient compressor and power equipment is manufactured in Perm.

External challenges require active development of Russian industry based on modern manufacturing and engineering companies that develop and implement advanced technical solutions and produce advanced products.

Since 2010 INGC has been independently developing and producing modern and energy-efficient compressor and power equipment, gas pumping units at its production facility in Perm. The company provides customers with a full range of services from design, development and manufacture to commissioning of its products. The company's specialists carry out installation supervision and commissioning as well as warranty and post-warranty service, supply spare parts and carry out repairs.


Multi-fuel reverse-flow combustion chamber for gas turbine plants.

The development of multi-fuel and multi-mode combustion chambers is due to the wide variety of fuels used and the operating conditions of gas turbines. The use of pyrolysis and synthesis gas, gas with hydrogen content for the production of electrical and thermal energy is expanding.


TAIF Rave turbine lubricating oils for foreign gas turbines: successful experience of import substitution.

The active withdrawal of large foreign manufacturers of lubricants from the Russian market, as well as the state import substitution program, forces generating companies and other enterprises that own a fleet of foreign dynamic equipment (steam and gas turbines, pumping and compressor equipment) to work out the transition to Russian-made turbine oils.

One of the domestic producers of modern turbine oils for imported gas turbines is TAIF Lubricants LLC with a series of TAIF Rave turbine oils.


Balancing of high-speed steam turbine rotors of Energotech JSC.

The article substantiates the conditions under which the rotors of high-speed steam turbines can be balanced on machines with a low rotational speed. Of paramount importance in this case is the choice of the rotor design, the method of its manufacture and assembly. The features of the technique of low frequency balancing of high-speed steam turbines rotors are considered, which allows not only to limit vibration at the operating frequency, but also to ensure a safe transition through the critical frequency if it is less than the operating frequency.

Today, the world has accumulated a lot of experience in balancing various types of rotors, which

is summarized and presented in the form of recommendations. Most of the recommendations concerning steam turbines are obtained for rotors having an operating frequency of 3000 min-1.


Perm gas turbine plants for technical re-equipment of the Lokosovsky gas processing plant.

Successful experience in the design and commissioning of the equipment has been implemented in more than 330 gas turbine power plants operating at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex of Russia. Six models of the plants and their modifications are successfully used in the energy market.

The knowledge, skills and experience accumulated by UEC–Aviadvigatel specialists have been embodied in a new project – the technical re-equipment of a crude gas compressor station.


Rosneft Energotec oil of Rosneft Lubricants ensures maximum efficiency of the equipment.

For any gas engine power plant quality service is necessary. If we consider that the units work in the energy industry (perhaps one of the most important in the country) the importance of competent service increases many times.

For example, oil change: there is its own specificity here, because gas engine power plant oils differ

significantly from well-known motor oils for transport.

It should be borne in mind that industrial plants always operate in the basic mode at rated power. Under these conditions it is important to use the product that will work as efficiently as possible and will not change its properties during operation.

Rosneft Energotec LL 40 is exactly such an oil. Specially designed for use in the gas engine power plants it is able to work with the same efficiency both on domestic and foreign production plants. The advantages of this oil are in its composition and manufacturing technology. It was created using synthetic technology with the addition of low-ash additives as well as additives that improve operational properties.


RUMO-702 power plant is a novelty of Russian production.

RUMO JSC has manufactured and is completing factory tests of RUMO-702 domestic gas engine power plant of container design with a capacity of 1 MW running on natural gas. The RUMO-702 power plant is designed on the basis of RUMO-502 internal combustion gas engine which is a proprietary development of JSC RUMO (patent No. 129065) and is manufactured at the plant in Nizhny Novgorod. The engine is aggregated with a synchronous generator manufactured by Elektrotyazhmash-Privod (Lysva) and installed in a container on a single frame.


Modernization of Cummins QSV91/81 engines.

The Cummins QSV 91/81 engines have proven themselves to be reliable equipment, however, during the long-term operation of the equipment it becomes necessary to replace and modernize the control system. These expensive works require highly qualified specialists.

The TECH Group of Companies, together with the German manufacturer MOTORTECH GmbH, offers an alternative solution to this problem. It is a comprehensive modernization of the control system, including replacement of the ignition system, anti-knock and control system, as well as replacement of all wiring on the engine. The price of this solution is significantly lower than the manufacturer's standard offer.


Energas– 15 years in the field of technological equipment for gas treatment.

Energas company celebrated its 15th anniversary. This year opened a period of tough professional tests for the company – for strong-willed endurance, organizational commitment, professional significance and demand for engineering experience. The company responds to challenges with timely and high-quality execution of projects for the electric power industry, oil and gas industry and gas-using enterprises.

Since 2007 Energas has supplied 320 gas treatment and compression units, providing fuel for 230 gas turbines and gas engine power plants.


Combination of EGR and fuel-water emulsions for simultaneous NOx and soot reduction in a medium speed diesel engine.

In this paper the combination of EGR and Fuel-Water Emulsions (FWE) is tested on a prototype two-stage turbocharged six-cylinder 1MW Wartsila W20 Common Rail medium speed diesel engine.

The exhaust gases are recirculated to the intake using a semi-short EGR system, which directs part of the exhaust gases from the high pressure exhaust manifold, through an EGR cooler, to the intermediate pressure intake manifold before the high pressure (HP) compressor.

The EGR is then compressed to the high pressure intake manifold along with the charge air using the HP compressor.

Ros-Gas-Expo-2022 exhibition.

XXVI International specialized exhibition of natural gas industry and technology for gas facilities Ros-Gas-Expo was held from 13 to 16 September 2022 in St. Petersburg as part of the XI St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. More than 10,000 gas industry specialists met at the Expoforum exhibition and convention center to discuss the latest developments in the field of construction, operation and reconstruction of gas transmission systems.The organizer of the event is Farexpo. About 400 companies from 20 countries presented their products. For more than twenty years since its inception, the exhibition has become not only a traditional demonstration platform for new technologies, materials, and equipment used in the field of gas distribution and use. but also a reliable mechanism for promoting the latest developments on the Russian gas market.