IN BRIEF #6-2022

Service of gas engine and diesel power plants by the specialists of Intertechelectro company.

At present Intertechelectro Group of companies is the official dealer of Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine B.V., the exclusive supplier and the only authorized service representative of Mitsubishi gas engine plants in Russia, as well as a service partner of MTU, Caterpillar, Cummins, INNIO Jenbacher and Wartsila. In order to provide high-quality maintenance of the supplied equipment, including operation, scheduled maintenance, warranty and unscheduled repairs, Intertechelectro Group has created its own service department. The staff of the department consists of experienced specialists who have undergone in-depth training in the manufacturing companies of generating equipment, and have the appropriate certificates and authorized rights.


Selecting of ignition system for a gas engine.

Gas is perhaps the most volatile type of fuel in terms of composition. This is influenced by the existing of significant differences between the main types of combustible gas, and the use of fuel, usually in the form of a mixture of different gases in different proportions and the caloric content of the gas which varies at different times of the year and depends on the temperature of the gas itself. All of this complicates the design of internal combustion engines running on gas and dictates special requirements for the ignition system.

When choosing an ignition system, every detail matters. MIC ignition systems of MOTORTECH (MIC3+, MIC4, MIC5, MIC6) are the most common in the world. In addition to being economically attractive, they provide a high level of power, accurate ignition timing, and a variety of online diagnostics. This maximizes engine efficiency, increases spark plug life and the availability of equipment. The controller is fully configurable by the client using a laptop.

An error in the choice of the ignition system controller at manufacturing of the gas engine power plant has negative consequences in many cases up to the overhaul of the engine.


UGPA-16 (25) Irtysh: the main technical solutions of INGK company.

INGK presented the main technical solutions for the development of UGPA-16 (25) Irtysh unified gas pumping unit at the seminar organized by Gazprom PJSC in Kazan. INGK's production capabilities allow to supply up to 24 units per year.

The INGK company develops and manufactures the Irtysh series of gas pumping units of modular and hangar-type with a capacity from 4 to 34 MW in various climatic versions. The units are used for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing booster and linear compressor stations. Gas or steam turbines, electric motors are used as a drive for the units. The company independently develops and manufactures systems and components of gas pumping units at its own production facilities.


Development of turbine and combustor for a semi-closed recuperated Brayton cycle of supercritical carbon dioxide.

Toshiba has been developing a turbine and a combustor for a semi-closed recuperated Brayton cycle of supercritical carbon dioxide called the Allam cycle, which is capable of both sequestrating 100% of carbon dioxide generated by combustion and providing electricity with competitive efficiency as the advanced combined cycle. The 25 MWe class demonstration plant with natural gas for this innovative cycle is being constructed by NET Power LLC. Toshiba is going to provide the main components of its turbine and combustor. This paper describes the specification of the turbine and the combustor and consideration necessary to realize them in the first of a kind design condition of 30 MPa with a supercritical carbon diox-ide as its working fluid.


NPK Elliron, CJSC – engineering and supply of the equipment for oil and gas industry and power generation.

The research and production company Elliron, founded in 1999, has extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying equipment for oil and gas and energy industries. Implementing turn-key projects the company is actively developing the direction of its activity as an EPC contractor. The customers of Elliron are the largest companies: Gazprom, Lukoil, Sibur, Rosneft, Rosatom, Roscosmos. The equipment of the NPK Elliron is produced in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign machine-building enterprises, which ensures that the products comply with international quality standards and customer requirements.


Integrated automatic control system of gas pumping units based on domestic software and technical solutions.

The issues of localization and creation of domestic power equipment have acquired particular relevance in the past year. The power engineering enterprises of Gazprom Energoholding Industrial Assets Group, as part of the company's development strategy aimed at meeting the needs of Gazprom PJSC as the main customer of products and services, focused on solving these strategic tasks. Developments are carried out both at own engineering and production facilities, and in cooperation with other Russian developers and manufacturers.

In 2022 a number of major projects were implemented aimed at import substitution and localization of production of basic and auxiliary equipment, spare parts which is necessary to ensure the development and uninterrupted operation of the gas transmission system and energy enterprises of our country. The technological base has been prepared for the launch of the new GTD TM 16 engine into production.


Scientific and technical session on the problems of gas turbines.

On September 20-21, Scientific and technical problems of full localization of production and maintenance of stationary gas turbine installations in the Russian Federation session on the problems of gas turbines and combined-cycle power plants was held in St. Petersburg. The organizers were Russian Academy of Sciences, the RAS Commission on Gas Turbines, VTI, as well as REP Holding, which hosted the participants of the event.

The session was attended by more than 200 representatives of Russian science, power engineering companies, enterprises operating gas turbine plants and potential customers. A competition of young designers was also held as part of the event.


The OLC regulator maintains the oil level in the crankcase.

The development of industrial sectors in the world over the past decades has been associated with the automation of production processes. This trend has also affected manufacturers of internal combustion engines. To ensure the operation of modern power plants, less and less human involvement is required. But as with any large projects, automation starts with the optimization of constant processes, in this case with the process of replenishing oil. To do this it is necessary to understand why it is so important to maintain the required oil level in the engine.

To prevent such problems, modern engines are equipped with oil level monitoring systems with the function of automatic replenishment of the oil tank.


Heat & Power 2022.

From October 25 to 27, 2022, Heat & Power 7th international exhibition of industrial boilers, heat exchange and power generating equipment was held at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow. Fifty Russian companies presented their new developments, technologies and services in the field of heat and electricity to the attention of specialists. Heat & Power 2022 exhibition included three thematic blocks. The first block covered modern solutions in the field of industrial boiler equipment. The second block was devoted to heat exchange and auxiliary equipment, the third - to electric generating equipment. A wide selection of CHP plants, steam turbines, diesel and gas engine power plants, as well as other types of power generating equipment and special materials were presented by PSM, AMZ Gazenergomash, Gas Machines Company, PC Kurs Kuzbassenergoprommash and others.


Machinery / Electro & Heat Generation ’2022 exhibition.

The Machinery / Electro & Heat Generation ’2022 exhibition was held from October 24th to 26th, 2022 at Expocentre in Moscow. This year the exhibition presented equipment for electricity and heat supply to civil facilities and industrial enterprises of various industries.

The event was attended by 120 companies - manufacturers of equipment for boiler houses, thermal power plants, heating stations, autonomous power complexes from Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, China and Iran. Among the exhibitors are TECH Group of Companies, PC Boiler, GenMaster LLC, MPNU Energotekhmontazh, Energostroydetal-Biysk Boiler Plant LLC, Dorogobuzhkotlomash JSC and others.

Next year the Heat & Electro/Machinery exhibition will be held at Expocentre.