New Turbines & Diesels 2020 Power Equipment Catalogue

It is the most complete Power Equipment Catalogue ever appeared in print. It contains detailed information about gas turbines, diesel and gas engines, and power plants on their base.

On the 700 pages of the new version of the Catalogue are presented nearly 20,000 models of power equipment, about 800 companies are in the address section.

Turbines & Diesels Magazine

Turbines & Diesels #2-2021


    #2 (March-April) 2021


  • On-site power generation at the enterprise: efficiency, reliability and cost reduction.
  • How to ensure energy supply without capital expenditures.
  • Сombustion of methane-hydrogen gases in gas turbine plants.
  • Spetsenergogaz company: 9 years from the date of its foundation.
  • Anti-icing systems with autonomous heating air generation for inlet air filter unit of gas turbine plants and CCPP.
  • Integrated fuel treatment for gas turbine power plants at the Vostochnaya CHPP.
  • Ural-4000 gas turbine power plants for Energy of Parma project.
  • Dynamic UPS systems for the petrochemical industry.
  • Assessment tests of the 6DM-185 diesel engine for operation as a part of the power plant.


STGT in cooperation with the engineering company Prosoft Systems developed and localized the control system of the SGT5-PAC 2000E gas turbine plant.

Fri, 04/30/2021

The construction of the wind farm is carried out by NovaWind company. The total capacity of the plant will be 60 MW, the planned average annual electricity generation is 147 GWh. 24 installations with a capacity of 2.5 MW each will be placed on the site.

Tue, 04/27/2021

Alfa Balt Engineering has delivered three diesel power plants with a capacity of 400 kW each for the needs of Gazpromneft-Supply LLC in the village of Priobye. The DE500C3 units have a 3rd degree of automation.

Mon, 04/26/2021

AKSA Energy is implementing investment project for the construction of a new 240 MW combined cycle power plant in Tashkent near the existing thermal power plant. The project is implemented on the basis of an agreement with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic in the format of public-private partnership. Aksa Energy will build and operate the power plant for 25 years, and the Uzbek side has assumed guarantees to provide the plant with natural gas.

Thu, 04/22/2021

Steam turbine is installed on the prepared foundation, generator is installed, and a platform for servicing the machine is equipped. It is planned to launch the new steam turbine plant in spring of this year. Kaluga Turbine Plant has produced R-12-3.4/0.1 for Gubkinskaya thermal power station with a capacity of 12 MW. The turbine is equipped with an accelerated cooling system and a quick-release reusable thermal insulation. Modern control system will ensure high efficiency of the unit.

A new device for lifting the top cylinder cover will speed up the maintenance of the machine during repair work. The turbine passed successful steam tests at the company's stand, followed by a revision of the flow section and main components.

Wed, 04/21/2021

REP Holding has signed a contract with Gazprom Invest LLC for the supply of 19 Ladoga gas pumping units by the end of 2023. The gas pumping units are intended for further expansion of the Northern gas transmission corridor of the Unified Gas Supply System. The units will be installed at the Sheksninskaya, Volkhovskaya and Tosnenskaya compressor stations. Industrial gas pumping units has a long service life and wide opportunities for maintenance at the operating facilities.

Thu, 04/15/2021

STGT has completed the inspection of the main equipment of the power unit No. 6 of the Kirishskaya GRES (OGK-2). STGT specialists conducted major inspections of two SGT5-4000F gas turbines, as well as medium inspections of two SGen5-1000A generators. The duration of work on a block of two combined cycle units was comparable to the time of inspection on a single power plant. This was achieved thanks to the highly qualified personnel and careful planning of all aspects of the inspection – work on the two power plants was carried out almost in parallel. Modernization and repair of large components of the annular combustion chambers were carried out in the STGT production complex.

Fri, 04/09/2021
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